Sunday, November 4, 2012

Park Weather

 Izzie and Maddie laying on the couch listening to their iPod Nano. We don't have external speakers for them yet so they have to each have one ear bud. Usually when they listen to music they are dancing around but I guess this was a new thing and it was cool to do it this way.

 We went to a new park during our house showing yesterday. It was a pretty small park, with only a slide, a set of swings and this cool dinosaur. They liked climbing this contraption. Yesterday was pretty hot. It was only 82, but you expect a bit cooler for November. Plus with no breeze and the sun just bearing down it felt pretty warm. When we got home the girls took off their shirts, grabbed some ice water and laid down on the linoleum next to the dog. That is a scene that is just so Texas.

 I made these cute mini sized quiches for dinner. They came out so, so, so good!

 Tonight mom, the girls and I went to a different park to feed the ducks. Here is Izzie asking me to help her with the monkey bars. Maddie of course wanted a turn too. They aren't quite confident enough to try on their own. And since I broke my arms on the monkey bars when I was a kid, I'm okay with them taking their time.

 Feeding the ducks at dusk.

 Just a sunset photo of the pond.

I raced up ahead to use the facilities and the girls had a fun time racing back and forth between me and my mom. Got a couple good laps in them as they ran back and forth!

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