Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PAMOM Meeting

I'm so excited. It's like early Christmas! I bought this book off Amazon and it arrived today. I started reading it to the girls at lunch. There are very little pictures, it reads more like a chapter book. We actually only read the introduction which is an explanation of what History even is. The girls sat in rapt attention. I usually finish eating lunch before they do, and so after I eat I've been using that time to read to them. Izzie was taking teeny tiny bites of her sandwich so that I'd keep reading!

 Izzie and Maddie playing picnic during Momma-Quiet time. See we used to have naps a long time ago. And those sadly went away. But I was able to replace it with the girls having a quiet time each in separate areas of  the house. But that stopped working so they were allowed to have quiet time together, but who are we kidding?? They were NOT being quiet. So I quit lying about it. It was no longer about THEM. They didn't need quiet time, I did. So now we have Momm's Quiet time each day where they have to go play for about 1.5-2 hours and let me do whatever it is I want to do. Divine.

 Maddie and Izzie all ready to go with me to my PAMOM meeting. Last night I spoke to about 12 expecting or brand new moms on breastfeeding twins. I decided to take the girls with me for several reasons. Normally kids are not allowed at our mom meetings, but I wasn't going to stay for the entire thing, just my part. I wanted them to come to see me in a leadership role, so that they could have an idea of what my "meetings" are like and for them to just be around women discussing breastfeeding. I think in our culture all kids get to see for the most part are bottles and so bottle feeding seems natural or normal. If they are around discussions of breastfeeding and see more women breastfeeding then that becomes the norm. I'm just trying to start a new cycle and get us back to the boob. Anyway, I did great on my presentation. I talked for an entire 45 minutes and could have kept going. I ran out of time before I was able to ask for questions. The ladies did seem very interested and a couple did ask questions during my talk.

Me being artsy and probably failing, but I still like it. Pug-Dog Ripley found a sun puddle this morning and he was thoroughly enjoying it. Well until I pointed it out to the girls who then just HAD to go give him some lovin', but I guess he really didn't mind that either.

And on a funny note... this morning we were getting ready for gymnastics and Maddie started to throw a fit about her dress that she just took off. But then it was a fit about her panties and a fit about her shoes and I was picking up on a pattern that she was just gonna throw a fit about anything. So I told her, "You wanna go to Nanna's while Izzie goes to gymnastics?" Izzie gets very alarmed and said, "Maddie STOP crying, she WILL do it!!!!" Referring back of course to the fact that she had to miss the Halloween party while Maddie got to go. Sometimes when you have a twin, only one has to suffer for them both to learn a lesson because Maddie dried up those tears pretty quickly after that!

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