Monday, November 12, 2012

Just a couple of photos.

 Maddie fell asleep with her crown on last night. My little Sleeping Beauty.

 Earlier today Maddie and Izzie picked me a flower bouquet of weeds. Super sweet!

The girls were having a hard time remembering the names of Christopher Columbus's boats so I thought an art project might help. Plus it's always a good day to paint our hands and get out the glue.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Awesome craft!!!  I just pinned a Mayflower craft made from a coffee cup snuggie (or whatever you call those paper things around your Starbucks cup).  I like this one so much, though!

Amanda Dittlinger said...

I saw you mention your Mayflower craft on your blog I think. This one was a last minute craft that I had all the stuff for. I think it was originally a Mayflower craft too. But I just needed a project that we can say Nina Pinta and Santa Maria over and over. We are about to move onto the Mayflower and Pilgrims... just in the nick of time for Thanksgiving!