Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I sent the girls to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher. Wait. Pause. Let me soak that sentence up for one solid minute. They are now old enough to empty the dishwasher. Life is SUBLIME. Now they are a bit short for this chore so we worked out a system. They empty everything in the lower cabinets on their own and they put the things that go in the upper cabinets on the counter directly below it's correct cabinet. That means all I have to do is go in behind them and put up a few glasses and plates. Granted I am not attached to any of my glasses or dishes so this system works out fine, even if there is an occasional break (so far, nothing's been broken, knock on wood.) I've always supervised them up until today. I have a cold and therefore I am trusting them to do it on their own. Except I suspect there is more playing than emptying going on. I think they are using my dishes to pretend to cook with. But they are being happy and not fighting so that is a win itself, right? Oh and I do take out all the sharp knives before telling them to empty it, like a good mommy should.

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