Friday, November 16, 2012


The girls and I love watching the Food Network show, "Chopped." They have it down pat. Tonight at dinner Maddie took one bite of her chicken/broccoli/spinach/cheesy casserole and said, "This dish would win on Chopped, Mom!" So that got us in a big discussion about chopped. They gave me four random ingredients and had me tell them what I'd make from them. We did this for about 4 rounds and then I told them I'd let them do a round. They really got into it! At one point Maddie came up with a pretty fancy sounding dessert. I had given her "ice cream cone, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and whipped cream." She said she'd break the cone into cracker size pieces, glue them together with the chocolate sauce, ice cream in the blender to make a sauce, pour it around the cone pieces and put whipped cream in a spiral on top and last add sprinkles. Pretty descriptive! Izzie came up with a terrific cracker plate for an appetizer round too.

They were so descriptive and creative with their dishes I decided to get out the video and make a movie of them doing it. They were a bit better before the camera came out. Maddie got a bit confused on which round she was talking about and Izzie kept hers short and to the point. Plus, I think she was hoping for a different ingredient in her "basket!" But still, love my girls and their creativity!!

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