Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best Project Ever: Dress Up Paper Dolls

A long time ago, back when Pinterest was just starting, I pinned this awesome project. Basically this mom printed out about 50 very simple paper dolls for her daughter and gave her a bunch of scraps of fabric and some colors and said "go!" I loved the idea but I knew my girls cutting skills were not up to par, so I set it on the back burner. Well lately both girls have really, really been into cutting/taping and gluing paper so I thought I'd get this set up for them and see how it goes. Fabric is harder to cut than paper so I wasn't sure how this would turn out. 
 First I made a little guy so that they could get the idea, sometimes I like to show them an idea and sometimes I just tell them so their creativity can just be free.

 Maddie had a hard time cutting this fluffy pink fabric and I thought the project was going to be a no-go. But she kept at it and finally was able to cut some.

 Izzie also went straight for some pink fabric.

 So much excitement!

 Carefully cutting out a small piece to add to the girl.

 We are still working on the right amount of glue to use.

 I loved how the girls kept going around the table to check out each other's work and give suggestions.

 Back to that hard to cut fabric, it was irresistible!

 The fur got a lot of use too.

 Izzie carefully cutting out one rosette that was on this fabric.

 I also made a Scottish dude. They wanted me to use the boy pictures. Then they said but boys can't wear skirts. So I told them about the traditional dress of Scotland and made a kilt for them to see.

 This was Izzie's last dress she got a little more refined as she went along.

 Izzie's first dress... this girl was going to a winter party she told me.

 Maddie. She finally got that fuzzy pink down and then she carefully cut out one ladybug to put on top. Not sure why her girl is purple. Sometimes they go to great lengths to find tan, peach or brown for "real" skin as they say and sometimes they go with green, purple or teal.


Maddie's last girl.

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