Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Shower for Melanie

 I made this Mini To-Go Diaper Basket for my friend Melanie who is going to be having a baby boy in just a few days! Her shower was yesterday. I made six small bags and put 2 diapers, some hand sanitzer, 2 disposable bags for the dirty diaper and a bag of wipes in each one. I also made a changing pad. Or you could buy the disposable changing pads and add one to each bag.
 Changing pad folded up.

 She had some really cute appetizers. Those little forks were precious.

Yuki is working on making a playdoh baby for the Make a Baby contest.

  What a great idea! Everyone picked a letter off a master list and then drew a picture on a pre-cut out piece of cardstock and signed their names. I picked the letter U and did U is for Unicorn. The host is going to have the book bound as an alphabet book for baby boy. Some guests did more than one letter. She took out M & S for her daughters Sydney and Madison to draw later so they can add to the book for their baby brother. Teri is working on Z is for Zebra and you can see part of D is for Dog.

 Melanie checking out the playdoh babies.

 They came out really cute!


 Juliet, Melanie, Tina and Carey.

 Mel opening my gift.

Alison made a display of all the goods she got!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Love the play-doh baby-making contest!  That's cute!  And we did the alphabet book at my BFF's shower...I love that idea.

Your gift was beautiful!