Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amazing Sunrise

Today started off beautiful:

 We had a showing during storytime, so the morning we spent playing mostly outside so we wouldn't make too big a mess before we left for story time. Storytime had a puppet show in it, which is always fun.

 After storytime we went by moms house. Long story short, I stole her chiro appointment (thanks mom!) and she watched the girls. They made these placemats while I was gone. Maddie and Izzie showing off their work.

 After mom's house I had to run some errands and I knew we'd be in the car for awhile. Since we just checked out Winnie The Pooh Sing Along from the library, I put it in for the girls to watch. At the end of the show is a quick tutorial on drawing Winnie the Pooh's head. We got home JUST before that tutorial but since this is like the third time we've checked out this video the girls knew it was on there. They really wanted to watch it. So while I unloaded the car, they stayed in it to watch the small clip. Then they ran inside and each drew a Winnie the Pooh head, just like the clip showed them. Izzie even drew the cross marks across the face.

This is Maddie's. She added a Princess crown and dress because I think she puts that on all her drawings these days! But still, they did a remarkable job from just watching a short video clip.

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