Friday, November 30, 2012

A bunch of pictures of my cat

 The day after Thanksgiving one of my good friends had to put down her fur baby, Jackson, a well loved dog.  He lived a very long and happily spoiled life. I know how sad it is to lose one of your pets. That day, I had to hug my kitty Jake a little bit harder. And take a bunch of photos of him, much to his annoyance. I adopted my kitty, Jake, along with his brother Travis. They came to live with me when I was in college. I lived in a tiny 450 sq ft efficiency apartment and these two cats made that small space feel like home. That was back in '00 and they were about 4-6 yrs old at the time they became my family. Travis (or T-Vo as we liked to call him, passed away in 2009.) Jake is such a special companion to me. He snuggles with me like a teddy bear at night, but he's pretty independent otherwise. He likes to taunt Ripley who is blind and deaf by walking about 8 feet away from him so that Ripley doesn't realize he is in his "space." And his new found interest is in mousing, a hobby I am NOT enjoying. While I love him dearly, I do not like the presents he has started to bring me. Even so, I love this cat and cannot imagine our family without him.

 Argh! Matey!

 "MOOMMM, Enough photos already!"

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

What a gorgeous baby you have!