Friday, November 30, 2012

A bunch of pictures of my cat

 The day after Thanksgiving one of my good friends had to put down her fur baby, Jackson, a well loved dog.  He lived a very long and happily spoiled life. I know how sad it is to lose one of your pets. That day, I had to hug my kitty Jake a little bit harder. And take a bunch of photos of him, much to his annoyance. I adopted my kitty, Jake, along with his brother Travis. They came to live with me when I was in college. I lived in a tiny 450 sq ft efficiency apartment and these two cats made that small space feel like home. That was back in '00 and they were about 4-6 yrs old at the time they became my family. Travis (or T-Vo as we liked to call him, passed away in 2009.) Jake is such a special companion to me. He snuggles with me like a teddy bear at night, but he's pretty independent otherwise. He likes to taunt Ripley who is blind and deaf by walking about 8 feet away from him so that Ripley doesn't realize he is in his "space." And his new found interest is in mousing, a hobby I am NOT enjoying. While I love him dearly, I do not like the presents he has started to bring me. Even so, I love this cat and cannot imagine our family without him.

 Argh! Matey!

 "MOOMMM, Enough photos already!"

Thanksgiving at the Dittlinger Clan

 What a way to start Thanksgiving! It was a beautiful to wake up.

 Lucy, Holly, Maddie

 Lucy, Holly, Izzie and Maddie


 I can't believe how big Holly is getting!

 John and his Mom.

 Dana and Dad.

 Izzie and Lucy.

 Cousins watching the Macy's Parade

 Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie, Julie in the back.

 Holly just chillin' with Julie

 Daddy and his girls Maddie and Izzie

 Turkey is done, almost time to eat!

 Nanny at her battle station... making the gravy. It isn't Thanksgiving without Nanny's awesome gravy.

 The spread.


I blame John for this fuzzy photo of the kids table. Izzie, Maddie, Sabrina and Lucy!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Visiting Mema and Pepaw

 Izzie, Mema, Matt, Maddie

 Little Twins Daylynn and Darian and Big Twins Izzie and Maddie, Matt and Mema.

 Maddie, Daylynn, Darian and Izzie

 Daylynn and Izzie
 Darian and Maddie

 Maddie, Pepaw and Izzie

 Izzie and Maddie
 Mema, Izzie and Maddie showing off their new hairbows.

 Izzie waiting her turn in the "beauty salon."

 Mema and Izzie
 Izzie's curls.

 Mema and Maddie

 Izzie and Maddie playing iPad so they are still until we are ready to go. No messing up their outfits or curls!

 Izzie and Maddie hopping on rocks.

 Rose at Avalon

 Another artsy shot of a rosebud.


 Izzie, Maddie and Mema

 Maddie and Izzie. It was chillier inside than out!


 Maddie and Izzie looking at a rose.

 Maddie and Izzie
 Maddie and Izzie

 Izzie and Maddie

Unka D taking pics of the girls walking down the pathway.

Friday, November 16, 2012


The girls and I love watching the Food Network show, "Chopped." They have it down pat. Tonight at dinner Maddie took one bite of her chicken/broccoli/spinach/cheesy casserole and said, "This dish would win on Chopped, Mom!" So that got us in a big discussion about chopped. They gave me four random ingredients and had me tell them what I'd make from them. We did this for about 4 rounds and then I told them I'd let them do a round. They really got into it! At one point Maddie came up with a pretty fancy sounding dessert. I had given her "ice cream cone, chocolate sauce, sprinkles and whipped cream." She said she'd break the cone into cracker size pieces, glue them together with the chocolate sauce, ice cream in the blender to make a sauce, pour it around the cone pieces and put whipped cream in a spiral on top and last add sprinkles. Pretty descriptive! Izzie came up with a terrific cracker plate for an appetizer round too.

They were so descriptive and creative with their dishes I decided to get out the video and make a movie of them doing it. They were a bit better before the camera came out. Maddie got a bit confused on which round she was talking about and Izzie kept hers short and to the point. Plus, I think she was hoping for a different ingredient in her "basket!" But still, love my girls and their creativity!!

Fun Park and Ice Cream Day!

 This morning the girls were using the couch like a jungle gym. Seriously they were climbing all over it and jumping and just not treating the couch very well. I realized that we needed some serious park time! I called my friend Ashlea and she and Riley came and met us at Pirate's Cove. She suggested we bring trikes and that turned out to be a great idea. After they played and played on the park equipment, they had a blast riding their bikes around.  Izzie, Maddie and Riley.

video of them riding:

After all that fun we decided to end the impromptu playdate with an impromptu visit to the fro-yo place not too far away. A super special treat. Riley, Maddie and Izzie.