Saturday, October 20, 2012


 I've been taking the girls to story time since just before they could walk. I think I took them once or twice at stroller age, but our old library had a very tiny storyroom and a double stroller took up too much space.  Anyway, it's so much fun to keep up this fun and free weekly activity. The girls have grown to love their librarians and each week they run up to them and give them all hugs and tell them what they are up to that week. I love watching them have completely conversations with adults. This week was a little special because Firemen from Wylie Fire Rescue came to read and give a tour of their truck. Although that was cool, the girls were disappointed because they only read 1 book. We went back to the next day storytime when the firemen weren't there so they could hear more stories!

 Fireman reading to the kids.

 Showing off the truck.

 After seeing the truck we went back in to the library to pick out books. Maddie and Izzie like looking at the magazines while I pick out non-fiction books for homeschooling. This was a gaming magazine that had Link from Zelda. They were talking all about the pictures. Their daddy would be proud!

After we got home, I went to the kitchen to make lunch. I looked up and saw Izzie checking out her stash of books!

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