Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun Filled Friday!

Last Thursday I hosted a Mom's Night In get together. My friends, Alison, Melanie, Luisa and Erin came over. So refreshing and so needed! I rented a movie that we never touched and everyone brought some snack food and we just sat around the kitchen table nibbling on junk food that we didn't have to share with the kids and visiting. Eventually we did move to the living room to get some more comfortable visits in but that movie was unneeded. It was so much more fun to just relax and have complete conversations with grown-ups without being interrupter every five minutes. I'm going to miss them when I move to Washington!

I think my mom realized how much I was looking forward to this get together and she offered to let the girls spend the night on Thursday. I jumped at the chance! But Friday morning mom woke up with a pinch in her neck and needed to go to the chiropractors. She was feeling dizzy and didn't want to drive. So I came over and we all went together. Our chiropractor just got a new office right across the street from a park. I had brought the girls iPads to play with in the waiting room, but Maddie saw the park and asked if we could do that instead. Great idea! So while Mom took her appointment the girls and I had a great morning at the park. The weather was cool and crisp and it was a perfect park morning.



 Izzie and Maddie

 Maddie behind, Izzie in front.

 Maddie climbed on this tree and said, I'm pretending to ride a giraffe, look at his long neck!

Izzie and Maddie started planting a garden. They dug these holes and then they'd put bark in them, pat them down and tell me what was growing. They made it look so fun that about five other kids at the park started doing it too. But this upset the girls because they were digging in the same spots Maddie and Izzie had already planted their garden. I told them that they were being leaders, coming up with fun things to do at the park. They finally got into the spirit of sharing their idea. 

 video of the girls talking about their garden.

 After all that playing we worked up an appetite. Mom got out of her appointment feeling much better so we headed over to Taste of Home, a restaurant in an old converted house in Historic Downtown Wylie. They had really good lunch food! After lunch we hung out and enjoyed their wrap around porch for a bit. Izzie and Maddie posing with some scarecrows.

 That afternoon our chiropractor, just happened to be holding an appreciation festival for his clients. He said there would be a bounce house so Mom, the girls and I were there! Maddie and Izzie climbing up to go down the slide. (And true to Texas, which started out cool and almost chilly, by afternoon the girls had switched into sleeveless tank dresses.

It ended up being a fun filled Friday!

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