Saturday, October 13, 2012

Disney Magic, Day 3

 The main atrium of the ship, this glass art work was so pretty!

 Waiting for breakfast to open. By the way when you eat at Lumieres for breakfast or lunch they'll ask you for your stateroom number. We thought at first it was because they charged you. Nope, they just are keeping track of how many people are eating in the dining rooms. But the waiter did have a bit of fun with us the first day when we thought there was going to be a charge! We are so gullible! :)

 Going to see Brave! We all LOVED this movie, I haven't bought a Disney movie in forever, but I plan on getting this one. The theater was SO cold! Some people brought in blankets from their stateroom. Later in the week when the girls and I saw Tangled, I brought in a blanket, but I guess enough people complained that it was super warm for Tangled!

 Nothing like having a good lounge chair with a big squishy cushion and a good book. Everyone said I wouldn't have time to read, but dang it, I found time. I finished one book and started a second one on the cruise... not too shabby.

 Can not get enough of staring at the ocean.

 Rhonda tried reading but she couldn't just relax. She got too distracted or she wanted to read me each sentence. I don't think it helped she brought a work related book, not just a good ole' easy fun fiction book.

 The princesses came out several times. I liked how they all lined up so you only had to wait in one line to meet them all. I wish they did that with the other characters, but you had to meet them one at a time.

 The princesses banners.

 Rhonda was modeling Chris's jello dessert. It  had such a cute little spoon.

 Izzie. We went through Topsiders buffet for lunch this day. The consensus was that Topsiders did not have the best food on the ship. I much preferred Lumiere's sit down or Parrot Cay's buffet. Well, okay... the adult consensus. The girls said their mac'n cheese was great.

 Rhonda reading to Izzie and Maddie during some downtime we took in the stateroom.

 Mema and Pepaw gave us a bit of spending money for the cruise and we went to get Fire and Ice pedicures. The manicurist completely had Rhonda and I fooled. They had us believing that the 'fire' part of the pedicure involved real fire. They said we wouldn't have to shave for 3 months. I was actually starting to get excited when she said that. And for the price of the pedicure, I wouldn't mind a 3 month no-shave experience even if it did involve fire! When we first arrived we had to sign some disclaimer which I did not read... I mean, come on, it was a pedicure! So when they asked us if we signed our disclaimer and then the gave us some ice water to hold "just in case" we totally bought into their ruse. The "fire" ended up being hot stones and the "ice" was some kind of neat cooling gel. We were laughing so hard at ourselves by the end.

 During one of the open houses at the Kid's Club Snow White came to visit and tell the kids a story.

 Neat shot of Decks' 6, 5 and 4.

 Donald Duck, I kinda felt bad for him since he only had like 5 people in line. But we didn't wait to take a photo because we were headed somewhere else.

 Maddie, Popo and Izzie at Lumiere's for dinner

 Me and my sis.

 They called this a mushroom tart but it tasted more like a quiche.

 The duck breast was sooo good, and when the girls ate all of mine, the waiters brought out their own to eat!

 Dharma made Izzie a napkin rose. He did NOT understand the twin dynamic and took off before making Maddie one. Popo tried to make one and he did a good job after only seeing Dharma do it quickly once, but his didn't hold up like Izzie's did.

Scorpion towel art and Izzie. I love how Laurel used Rhonda's eye mask!

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