Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disney Magic: Day 1

 We left Dallas just before lunch. Since my house is on the market, I wasn't about to make it messy for lunch so we stopped for a quick bite to eat at sandwich shop before hitting the road. Izzie and Maddie felt like big girls eating at their own table.

 Long car trip meant fun car activities. Here, Izzie and Maddie are using plastic sewing needles, yarn and a plastic mat grid to make designs.

 Restroom break in the Woodlands, just outside of Houston and we saw a working payphone! I had to show the girls what it was. Izzie said it even had a dial tone.

 Izzie and Maddie posing. They love posing on rocks.

 We strategically planned to hit Houston right at dinner time. Got to eat awesome Greek food at Nikko-Nikko's! YUM.
 Maddie, Izzie and Popo. We had some time to kill before we could board the ship the next morning so we took the Boliver Ferry so the girls could experience it. We also got to see some dolphins hoping in the water.

 Chris had some Funions in the car and Mom stole them to feed the seagulls. Izzie and Maddie thought it was pretty cool!

 Arrival at the Magic!!

 Izzie, Maddie, Rhonda and I boarded first. We had no idea that mom was about to be left behind.

 So excited see our stateroom. Hint... that coffee table is big and annoying. We asked our Room Host to remove it from our room for the week. Gave us a little more space! (Izzie, Rhonda and Maddie.)

 One of the comedians we watched said, "If you were wondering if this ship was designed for kids, visit the bathrooms!" Let's call it an efficient space...

 Another angle to the stateroom.

 Ignoring the DO NOT CLIMB signs, I took a photo of Maddie and Izzie with Captain Mickey. I figured that as long as we weren't climbing on his ears we were okay.

 Welcome deck party on the first night. It was impossible to get in the mood at this point since we had just found out mom was not coming on. But it was the first Mickey appearance and I wanted the girls to see him.

 Maddie and Izzie looking out a porthole.

 Izzie and Maddie at Animators Palate. The restaurant starts out black and white and slowly comes to full color as the evening goes on. The waiters start in black and white vests that they flip to full color also. Pretty cool effects!

 Rhonda and Chris (Popo.)

 All Black and White to start.


 Maddie and Momma

 Me and my sis.

 Ordered salmon in phyllo dough the first night. YUM!

 The room is starting to have color added.

 Mickey came out in his Fantasia outfit. (The girls thought he was wearing pajamas!)

 After dinner our room was Magically transformed! The couch had turned into bunkbeds. Izzie and Maddie checking out the top bunk. (Hint... we didn't think of this until the LAST night... the ladder can be braced next to the rail to extend the rail. Luckily Izzie never fell out, but it was close a couple of times!)

 Laurel, our Room Host made a seal and borrowed Rhonda's glasses for the first night.

 Before the first show, Rhonda, Izzie and Maddie on Deck 4. My favorite spot on the entire ship.

 Maddie and Izzie about to watch the show with Popo. Not sure why we bothered saving them seats, they fought over his lap the entire trip!

 Me, Maddie, Izzie and Chris. (Hint... if you have curly hair pack extra hair gel. I never use it at home, but the wind, salt air and humidity gave me frizzes all week.)

The end of an eventful first day aboard the Magic. (Izzie top, Maddie bottom.)

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