Thursday, October 18, 2012

Disney Cruise, Day 7

 Dancing on Deck 4.

 After breakfast we went back to the room and saw this. :(  Luggage tags for packing up to go home the next day and customs forms. Disney does have a pretty good disembarking method. I heard people in line say it was a lot better than other cruises. I don't have any other experience than Disney but it did seem pretty efficient. You have until 10:30pm on the last night of your cruise to get your suitcase out in the hall. I accidentally packed my retainer in my suitcase instead of leaving it for my day bag and it had already been whisked away when I went to check at 10:25! I guess they figured if it was out in the hall you were done. (Logical, I know.) But after you get off the ship, it was relatively easy to find your bags because of the character labels.

 But we still had a full day ahead of us and we were GOING to enjoy it! I took the girls to Tangled 3D. You'd think that a kids cruise would supply kid size 3D glasses, but they made them work even though they were way too big! Izzie

 Maddie and Momma
 Maddie and Izzie
 There is a fun little game you can play on the ship called, "find the hidden Mickey." Mickey's face is hidden in the decor all over the ship. This one wasn't so hidden, but it was in the wall of the theater.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 On the last day, I went to the gift shop and bought Maddie and Izzie some Captain Mickey's as a memento of their cruise. I can't believe how teary eyed I got in the gift shop! I wasn't ready for my cruise to end!

 Art in our stateroom.

 I brought along a Mickey Journal and wrote in it every day. I also had the girls draw pictures of their favorite things that happened each day so it was a family journal.

 Animators Palate for our last night on board. You also eat breakfast in the morning in the last place you ate dinner.

 The menu covers were so pretty.

 Goat Cheese with Balsamic Vinegar and potatoes. It was very yummy appetizer!

 Laurel made us a heart on our last night.
 The next morning. Maddie and Izzie.  They were directing crowds to go to the Atrium but we slipped out to Deck 4 to avoid the crowds and there was hardly anyone out there. We didn't have to wait long and as soon as they called "open to all" we went (you risk getting in a large group, but we got lucky and were at the beginning of the crowd.) Otherwise you could go with your "tag" and we would have waited for them to call "Donald tags." At this point we were eager to disembark since there was nothing going on except exiting and we were so excited to see Mom!

Popo and Maddie touching the life boat.

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