Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney Cruise Day 6

 Izzie and Rhonda looking out the window, breakfast at Lumiere's. Our ship arrived at Cozumel during the night.

 Maddie and Momma.

 The girls ordered yogurt and fruit most mornings but a few times they got a "Toodles" waffle too. Maddie.

 At Cozumel.
 After breakfast we just happened to run into Minnie Mouse when no one was around and we got a quick photo with no lines!

 A storm rolled in that looked awesome from the boat. We got a bit of rain, but I guess there was more in land because I heard some people's plans got canceled.

 I loved all the colors of the water, sometimes it was bright blue, sometimes teal, sometimes purplish and somtimes navy.
 Cozumel was a very popular destination so the boat was nice and empty. This is the outdoor movie screen that you can watch from the lounge chairs or the pool. I never did get in this pool, but I kept meaning to!

 Just more photos of around the ship.

 You got it... Deck 4. My favorite. :)

 We came back to the room to get changed into swimsuits and apparently we had turned the air down to freezing. Actually I think Izzie was playing with the thermostat. We walked into our room and Rhonda and the girls bundled up while I got the air adjusted.

 I took the girls down to the pool while Rhonda and Chris went off to do something. Or maybe Chris was on land and I'm not sure what Rhonda was up to. Anyway, the storm had passed and the clouds went with it and it was HOT. Especially since we were in port, there was no breeze from sailing and after the storm it was humid and still. I wish I had worn my suit, but I wasn't planning on getting the water. I toughed it out for about 40 minutes and then called the girls in.

 I must have looked crazy but I was trying to get a respite from the glare of the sun and the heat of it on my head! This was the only time that I felt completely hot on the ship. Most of the time it was perfect temperature/weather.

 Little boat passing us by.

 An area of the ship called Beat Street.

The hallway outside Lumiere's.
Again, I was very, very disappointed with the crafts on the ship. I am a girl scout and I know how to do crafts on a shoestring budget. Our crafts from camp were better than these and  I know we paid considerably less money for a week at girl scout camp! Luckily the four year old's did not seem to notice but seriously, if they'd served a few less lobsters we could have had some awesome crafts. Just sayin! This was billed as a 3D Princess Craft. It was a cut out piece of construction paper and a some sequins to glue on. I KNOW the foam cut outs at Hobby Lobby are not that expensive and that would have been marginally better. For Disney standards a nice felt crown that went around the entire head would have met with my approval.

 Maddie and Rhonda.

 Izzie and Popo.

 Dharma made both the girls these cute little puppets.

 It was Chris's sister, Jenny's birthday. I wish this photo was a bit crisper but it's a cute one of Alex, Todd and Jenny!

Chris with his Momma.

 Chris's parents. They go by Grandpa Gator and Lady. (Tom and Clara) Although, I think we voted to start calling her Lady Clara because a couple of times we called out across the ship, "Hey Lady!" and got some funny glances! They were so much fun to have on the ship with us. Lady Clara and Jenny made the most adorable Mickey Themed Flip Flops and headbands for all the girls in the party. I absolutely love mine!

 Lobster Night! I was looking forward to lobster night, but to be honest the best thing about it was that the girls got to try lobster. Forgo the temptation to order it because when the kitchen is making that many lobsters they are bound to be overcooked, and sure enough... they were. That night also had a few other great sounding dishes that I'm sure were cooked much better since everyone and their brother were ordering the lobster! And it was paired with some really ridiculous beans. Who ever heard of lobster and beans? Is that like the Rich & Poor dining on the same plate?  Even so, dinner was redeemed with the chocolate lava cake that follows...

 YUM. And yes, you NEED that scoop of ice cream on top. This was so rich, so decadent, so... mmmmm.

Maddie, Izzie and our amazing towel art for the night. I swear it is a peacock, Rhonda said turkey. But who would put a turkey on the bed when you can put a peacock?
Maddie and Izzie taking up prime spot on Popo's lap.

 Maddie getting ready for bed in her Minnie pajamas.

Tinkerbell gave Izzie a visit at the end of another super fun, day on the ship.

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