Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney Cruise Day 5

 I love this twin photo! Izzie and Maddie reading out on Deck 4, doing exactly the same thing at the same time.
Izzie and Maddie

I'm trying to get a photo of me and the girls. Rhonda and Chris took this time to go to a cooking demo. I didn't get to go because the kids club was "open house" during that time. Instead of the open house we decided to just read books/play iPad.

 As we were walking past the atrium we saw the Diaper Dash going on. It was hilarous. The mom of the little girl crawling in the middle had to hold her back as the count down went on and she zoooomed down the end. The girl on the bottom of the screen never did make it to the end. It was worth a few chuckles.

 Not the best photo, but we made the stateroom pretty homey over the course of the week. Our Minnie ears decorated the lamp, our masks made the mirror charming and other souvenirs made it feel lived in. At the end of the week when it was time to pack up and I took everything down it sure felt empty all of a sudden.

 Chris dropped off a couple of Photo Mats at Guest Services and Mickey and all his friends signed it for us. This is me playing around, I took the photo looking in the mirror that the frame was leaning on.

 Costa Maya.
Such pretty views!

Popo bought these pretty dresses for Maddie and Izzie on shore at the first port, Grand Cayman.

 Izzie, Rhonda and Maddie in the Mickey Pool.

 Time for some downtime after swimming so hard. There were old Mickey Mouse cartoons playing 24/7 on one of the channels. The girls thought they were funny.

 I can't imagine how much ketchup the ship goes through! Anytime you asked for ketchup you got a Toodles. (And by the way, Mickey shapes are called Toodles.)

 Oh Yum. Smores Cake.

 Sting Ray towel art!

 I bought these Minnie nightgowns especially for the trip.

 Getting ready to watch Villians Tonight! You couldn't film during the shows (makes sense) but I sure wish I could have taken some photos, the costumes were awesome!

 Izzie, Popo and Maddie.

 Again, after the show we liked to sneak out to Deck 4 for a few minutes to let the crowds go by. This time we decided to walk around the front of the ship (the forward) to the other side of the ship. SO glad we did! It is on the path, but I had no idea you could see all this cool stuff. Look at the size of the anchor chains! So cool!

 Tried to get a photo of Izzie and Maddie in front of the cool gear but they were so tired by this point they were like, "come on mom, lets go to bed!" Gotta love my girls!!

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