Friday, October 12, 2012

Disney Cruise: Day 2. Character Breakfast, Formal Night

 Everyone on the cruise gets to have a character breakfast. We got lucky and ours was the very first morning! At that point, I didn't realize it was a rotation thing and I thought we were going to eat with the characters every morning! It was fun, as we were eating we watched all of Mickey's friends work their way around the dining room. It was a long breakfast and I'm kinda glad it wasn't every morning!

 Rhonda posing with Pluto

 Rhonda posing with Minnie

 Izzie and Maddie with Minnie

 Izzie and Maddie with Chip... or is that Dale? They both came visiting!

 A big Goofy Hug!

 Dharma made a Peter Pan hat for Alex. He tried to make a hat for the girls but they didn't like it.

 I didn't get a good picture of the girls with Mickey. :( I'm hoping my sister or someone else in our party did. This was the only time the girls posed with Mickey on the cruise.

 Paul and Popo with Mickey.

 Deck 10. I didn't go up here often because on sea days it was SO windy and on Port days when there was not as much wind it was too hot! But it was a fun place to have really great views of the ocean.

 Camera Duel on Deck 10! It was so windy we were bracing against the wind. My headband even flew off my head.

 Just a random photo of Deck 10.

 The girls did a lot of dancing on the boat. Especially in their homemade Rapunzel dressed, they felt so fancy. I was so sad to see that their tiara's didn't get packed! But they were good sports about it. They did hint to Popo very strongly that they wanted new tiara's but they were okay with just their pretty dresses.

 Izzie, Aurora and Maddie

 Princess Tiana with the girls.

 I didn't get a great photo of Snow White with the girls, but she was the most talkative.

 Rhonda and Snow White.


 Maddie, Cinderella and Izzie

 Belle with Maddie and Izzie.

 Steering the ship with my girls.


 Maddie, Momma and Izzie

 Izzie helping Aunt Rhonda set up a game of Memory in the Promenade Louge.

 This was on Deck 9, behind Goofy's Galley. We loved this spot at the rear of the ship because it was never crowded. Usually we were the only ones eating snack here. I like Goofy's Galley for snack time because they serve fresh fruit and small sandwich wraps.

 Pretty views.

 On Formal Night, the girls got to wear the evening dresses I made them. Clara bought them Princess Necklaces that added to their outfits!

 The menu covers were artwork in and of themselves.

 Rhonda did not know that she ordered raw salmon. Although to give her credit, she did try it. Don't worry, it didn't go to waste, Chris and I ate her appetizer!

 They called this a quesadilla, even though it was more like and empinada. It was delish though!

The girls ordered Mickey Ice Creams.

 Apparently the Mickey Mouse head shape is called a Toodles. If you are four years old, having a dessert shaped like a toodles is the equivalent of a 5 start dessert.

 Although, I think I preferred the chocolate soufle.

 After the show each night we slipped out onto Deck 4 for a few minutes to let the crowds dissapate. I loved it after dark! The girls even though they are dancing and singing here, about 10 minutes later when we hit the bunks they'd be snoring. I wish I could have had some quiet time out on Deck 4 after dark to watch the moon reflection, but it's always good to save something for your next cruise!

And the day isn't complete without towel origami from Laurel!

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