Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Montage

Well, I've been pretty terrible about keeping up my blog this summer. So in an effort to catch up, here is a photo montage of all the pictures I didn't post way back in August. 

Friends Madison and Sydney came to visit Izzie and Maddie.

 We spent lots of time swimming in Nanna and Popo's pool this year. Izzie's getting a shampoo after so we don't have to do a bath when we get home.

 Library day. Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie playing computer with Riley while Izzie looks on.

 Izzie, Riley and Maddie working on a puzzle together at the library.

 Went to Alison's birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

 Had to take Jake to the vet for an ear infection.

 Made a cute dress out of one of my old t-shirts mixed with one of their old t-shirts that was too short.

 Izzie modeling it for me.

 Made these adorable car pillows for our Alabama trip. They velcroed to the carseat so that if they got dropped they could be pulled right up!

 Playdate at Madison and Sydney's new house.

 Costumes! Not sure why Maddie has a grumpy face

 View of my backyard. Throwing this in because I'm getting sentimental about selling the house. I'm going to miss watching the horses out in their pasture.

 Woke up one morning to see that Izzie and Maddie made a train of their night time diapers.

 The girls spent one day over at Nanna's and they learned about the paraplegic Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius. That night I found this monkey with bits of hanger on his arms. When I asked the girls what was up with him, they said that was his crutches because his feet didn't work.

 Izzie playing ipad with cousin Sabrina and Maddie. (I made Izzie's dress too.)

 Doing some yard work to get the house ready to sell and I literally almost put my hand up into this wasp nest. I was sawing off a lower branch I'm SHOCKED they didn't attack me. I did get stung twice, but this nest was bigger than my hand with my fingers spread out!

 Shhh! Bunny and Teddy are taking a nap and we all have to be quiet.

 Izzie going on a bike ride with me. Sad that they've pretty much outgrown these little bikes! Hopefully Santa will bring them the next size up this year. Maddie had to stay behind because of an epic temper tantrum.

 My tree thought that August was fall, we aren't sure why except that it did get an abundance of water and that must have triggered something??

 John planted grass seed in some bare spots of the yard. When they started sprouting, he took the girls outside with their magnifying glass so they could see the sprouts.

 Sleepover in the family room to watch Nanny McPhee. (Izzie, Maddie)

Izzie playing at the park with our neighbor, Clara.

 Playing at the park the next day with Riley. Maddie is pushing Izzie and Riley is watching.

 Maddie pretending to sleep.

 Izzie - She loves this outfit and wears it anytime it is clean.

 RUN! Riley, Maddie and Izzie. Maddie loves THIS outfit and wears it whenever it is clean. Nanna made these twirl skirts.


It's HOT!

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