Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 11

I'm sure that most posts around the blogsphere on September 11th revolve around the tragedy of a day Americans will never forget. My father-in-law will especially never forget, since Sept 11th is also his birthday. We try to focus on the happiness of that day for him. Here he is with 2/3rds of his grandchildren. Sammy, Sabrina, Maddie and Izzie. We actually did celebrate this on his birthday, I'm just a week and half late posting it! Happy Birthday again! 


 Maddie looks so much older in this photo!

 I love this shot of her too! She looks JUST like her daddy in this picture.

 For his birthday, Dad asked everyone to give him $10 to put toward some lawn tool that he wanted. I figured a $10 bill in a card was too boring. So I got creative. I taped the dollars together and inserted them in a box with a tab that said, PULL ME. So he did. Much laughter insued as he kept pulling and pulling. Luckily 10 dollar bills actually does make a pretty long chain! The last bit was a piece of paper with the birthday message on it.

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