Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Productive Day Today

Ironic that the last post on Alabama was called the "longest day in Alabama" because that's what I feel like about today. It was a long, hard day here in Texas getting our house ready to sell! I dropped the girls off at Mom's  house early this morning and then John and I got to work. We loaded up the van and the truck with a bunch of miscellaneous furniture and took off to our newly rented storage unit. Then we rinsed and repeated with another load of more furniture and boxes. At this point we were sweaty and tired and we knew we still had a LOT more on our schedule for the day. We intended to take advantage of every second that Mom was willing to keep the girls for us! We did take a lunch break long enough to rejuivinate, but not let our muscles lock up and then we headed out to our garage.

Our garage has been a thorn in our side for years. Pretty much since we moved in the house, and worse when the kids started getting old enough to grow out of toys and clothes. Because a lot of clothes and toys ended up out there in a pile. Oh and lets not forget the garage sale we tried to have one year that was a huge failure and ended up with a bunch of John's sisters junk and my moms junk in our garage along with our junk.   Over the years, we'd peck away at "cleaning" the garage and so the junk has turned over a time or two, but it has never ever been pristine. We knew we had to tackle it and we are pretty sure we couldn't just torch it. Plus, buried in all of that junk was some stuff we actually DID want to keep.

So, just like they do on Hoarders (or so I'm guessing, since I'm too scared to watch that show.) We created a Sell, Donate, Dump and Keep pile. I do plan on having one last hoo-rah of a garage sell with rock bottom prices in a couple of weekends. Mostly because there is some good stuff out there that I do not want to see in the dump. And so we loaded up the back of my van and the truck with stuff to take to the dump and it was 100 degrees by this time and we were already tired. But we were doing pretty good. I hate the dump. It gives me a huge sadness seeing all the waste "we" create. I sort of would like to take the girls there so they can see it. Maybe when they are a bit older. I think it would make a big impact on a kid. Every kid needs to see the city dump. I hated being there, and I did feel a bit helpless to NOT be there. I mean, I created trash. There was plastic and broken bits of stuff that was past it's usefulness to almost anyone. What do you do? So, we went to the dump and I threw away bags and bags of trash, hating every single second of it.

Then we came home and my very sweet husband gave me the honor of the first shower. It was a very, very long day but we did get so much done. I'm sad to say, our house sort of looks like we've been robbed. There are still piles of junk everywhere and furniture is "missing." But I know over the next few days it'll all get packed away and the cleaning supplies will make an appearance and we'll list our home for sell. I love moving, but it will be sad leaving. Our first home together, our name is written on the wall behind the fireplace, our babies were born here and took their first steps here and played here. But we'll make a new home and create new memories and another family will love this house and their memories will be part of the history of the house we built.

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