Monday, September 24, 2012

One day, I'll catch up!

 Two Saturday's ago, I had a garage sale over at my friend Melanie's house. It was the perfect weather for a garage sale and we had a steady stream of customers. I was selling things for pretty cheap just to get rid of them. I didn't make a ton of money but had fun hanging with Melanie and saved a bunch of stuff from going to the dump. At the end of the day I didn't have too much left. I ended up giving away a few purses to the last customers!

 While we were garage selling, Garrett decided to cut a limb off a tree. As he did, the limb swung back and knocked his ladder over. He grabbed onto a higher branch and pulled himself up and then called for help. Of course we had to take a photo first!

 I know this is random, but it was fun. I didn't have a bow for mom's birthday present so the girls told me to put balloons all over it. And ONE golden ribbon... which apparently is on the other side of the balloons. I also did not get any photos of my mom at this party. This is the one and only photo. SAD, I tell you. Sigh. Happy Early Birthday again...

 Twin TOES!
 Maddie and Izzie cut out a bunch of princesses and fairies from their coloring book and then used them like puppets. We did a a lot of role playing and they had fun playing with their "characters."

 Nanny and Izzie at John's good bye party.

 Nanny, lost in thought.

 Izzie, White Teddy and Maddie.

 The big 18 wheeler came to take John's car to Washington. I think it was hard for John to say good bye to his baby... but he was glad that it'd be waiting for him when he got there.

 Loading it up.

Izzie and Maddie thought it was pretty cool.

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