Sunday, September 2, 2012

On to New Adventures

Well it is officially official. John accepted a job at Logitech which is located in Camas, Washington. That means we are packing up and going to be saying good bye to Texas. It's had a while to sink in since the interview process with Logitech was a very long drawn out thing, but even so, it's hard to believe the move is really going to happen! John got laid off on the first day of February and it has been an interesting 7 months to say the least. I've loved having him home and it has been a great experience for 4 year old girls to have both parents home for so long. I'm sure the adjustment phase ahead is going to be, uh, interesting. Not only having daddy back at work after so long, but having a new house in a new city all the way across the country.

I know I'm rambling, but the thoughts are swirling in my head. By the way, Camas, Washington (suburb of Vancouver, Washington) is very close to Portland, Oregon and as such is part of the Portland Metro Area. We will probably buy a house on the Washington side, but the downtowns of Vancouver and Portland are only 10 minutes apart to give a bit of scale. So technically we could live in either state and still be close to work. It's funny, John keeps telling everyone we are moving to Portland and I keep saying we are moving to Washington so I can see the confusion that it is causing our friends!

I've heard nothing but good things about the Portland area, so I'm definitely excited to move there. I have heard that it is pretty gloomy/cloudy/rainy but that it isn't as bad as the rumors are. Although after the past few Texas summers we've had that have had so many 100+ degree days, I'm ready for a bit of cooler weather. Of course what I'll miss most is all the family and friends we have in Texas. My old college buddy, Robby, called me the other day to give me a hard time. See, he moved "so" far away to the Ft. Worth area and I bugged him about that move. He said Ft. Worth is looking pretty close compared to a move to Washington! Then there are all the friends I've made in my mommy groups and in Landmark. At least with Facebook, I'll still get to keep up with them.

I'll make new friends. I started to type, "I'm excited to meet new friends" but not really. Well, yes, I am excited to HAVE new friends, but making friends... that isn't the easiest thing for me and I'm not looking forward to that part. I have looked up some Mom groups, Real Foodie Groups, Homeschool groups and even the Landmark office up there. I'll jump into creating a new community as soon as I can, probably even before I arrive.

The girls. I think they are going to be okay with the move. They already have said they want all their family to come with us and I know that is going to be hard for them. They can make new friends, but you can't just make a new cousin. Last night we were over at Grandma's house and they were playing so hard with their cousin Lucy. There is a comfort level with cousins that is different with friends. I know they will love the weather. They love playing out in the backyard and so that will be a huge bonus for them. Also there are lots of streets with cul-de-sacs in the Vancouver area so maybe we'll get lucky enough to find a great house on a cul-de-sac and they can ride their bike in the end of the street like I did when I was a kid.

The next few days are about getting this house up and ready for the move. I've been packing and sorting like crazy. The great thing is, I love moving. I moved a lot as a kid and I love a good house hunt. House hunting across country is a new experience though!

We are in exciting times!

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