Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moving Ramblings

We are still living in a whirl-wind of activity lately. It takes a lot of work to get a house ready for resale! Dang all those HGTV shows that teach us how to "stage" our house. Now it is expected! Although, now I'm glad I watch all those shows. Today I went to Lowes and Home Depot to buy some colorful flowers for our flowerbeds. One bed is completely empty, since it used to be a sandbox that we just converted. It needed some sort of bush for the back and flowers, ect. Boy did I LUCK out. I was at Lowes and was getting frustrated because they do not label all of their plants with clearly marked prices. I think they'd sell more if they did, but whatever. Since I had a very strict budget, I was being very careful to try to pick out big fluffy looking plants that would fill the space I had. (Isn't that a funny criteria?)

Anyway, I saw this really cute bush with yellow flowers with NO price. I flagged down a sales lady and thank goodness I'm chatty. I was telling her that I couldn't spent much money, I was just getting my house ready for selling. She said, "Oh, check out our dollar table." I said, "Uh... yeah! Show me!" There was HUGE table and everything on it was $1. I'm talking plants that were originally priced at $18!! (No, mom, I did not call you because you don't need anymore plants and these were mostly bushes anyway.) So I filled up my cart with $1 bushes. Serious score! Lowes did not have any brightly colored flowers so I drove over to Home Depot. And since I saved a huge bundle on bushes, I was able to buy a few extra flowers, so the beds don't look skimpy at all! I'm so excited about my purchase. I'm also thrilled John was able to help dig through the clay so we could plant them and now I hope they all live long enough to sell the house! 

Other than that, I took a bunch of books to Half Price Books where they robbed me. Three pretty big boxes of books for $9.50. I KNOW they'll make more than that reselling what I brought in, but at least they are off my shelf. Considering while waiting, I put $16 worth of merchandise in my cart, they really made a bundle off of me today. But I was excited that I found two never-used matching phonics work books for the girls to use. I'm not a huge worksheet fan, but they do have their place. The girls like sitting down and working on several pages of a workbook in a row. I also bought the book Teaching with Love and Logic. 

I read the  Love and Logic basic book when the girls were really young, and I use a lot of their techniques in parenting. I do not agree with everything their methods suggest, but I took what I wanted from it and disregarded the rest. Anyway, even though Teaching with Love and Logic is geared towards classroom teachers, I figured it'd have some good gems in it for me. Like when the girls say, "This is too hard!" The L&L response is, "It's a good thing I know you can figure out such hard problems!" It's good for me to have responses like that ready to go. 

Izzie and Maddie decorating boxes, a very important step for any move!

I can't wait to get us settled back in and back on a schooling routine. I've been fitting in little lessons here and there, which is all a pre-k kid needs, but I was really enjoying Five in a Row and a bit more structure so I want to get back to that soon. 

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