Friday, September 21, 2012

More Picture Catch Up.

 First week of September we stopped by to say hi to Nanny at the rehab center with Dana and her girls. She's doing so remarkably well after her hip surgery! This is Lucy, Holly, Maddie and Izzie with Nanny.

 Nanny and her grandson, my husband, John.

 The girls don't sleep in our bed, but sometimes we all do an early morning cuddle puddle. Daddy, Izzie and Maddie.

 The first of our packing for the move to Washington! Izzie and Maddie had the important job of decorating boxes.

 The pile of stuff to take up the stairs to be put away got ridiculously large. Especially since we were carrying things up and down as we went along!

 In a moment of OCD'ness I arranged the girls books by color. That should make the house sell, right? Except by no means does it still look like this two weeks later!

 While packing we came across a remote control truck. The girls had a lot of fun learning how to make it work. Izzie's testing it out.

 Daddy's showing Maddie the controls while Izzie looks on.

One day, while I was cleaning/packing I found this pirate game that was missing some pieces. The girls love everything Pirate so I let them play with it, making up their own rules. Maddie and Izzie had fun sorting out the colored jewels and counting the doubloons!

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