Sunday, September 23, 2012

More on our house...

 Our house for the past six years. This was the day the photographer came out to take photos of the house to get it ready to list. What a beautiful day! These aren't the official photos of the listing, just some pics I snapped with my camera.

Our floorplan.

 My entertainment center has never looked so shiny!

 I'm going to miss this view. I have heard that Washington is absolutely gorgeous, but for living so close to an urban area like Dallas, this is pretty spectacular. I hope to have views in my new home too!

 I absolutely love this organization system from IKEA. And since it isn't built in, I just might take it with me.

 The Master Bedroom

 Master Bath

 Visitor in the shower! (Izzie.)

 Family Room

 Girls Room

 Girls bathroom. I never got around to decorating this room. It is just bland and white. I spent just a bit of money on some bright green accessories and new shower curtain and it really made a huge difference!

 Guest Bedroom. This space has always been relaxing to me.

 The girls were watching the geese start to migrate in.

 Izzie and Maddie walking Ripley while the photographer was in our house doing the video tape.

 Izzie and Maddie trying to get poor Ripley to run. He's not too much up for running these days!



One more of Izzie.

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