Monday, September 3, 2012

Lost track, is this day 3 of Alabama?

I can't believe I still haven't posted all of my Alabama photos. I'm determined to do it though! Life is just "life-ing" right now and I've been beyond busy. Today was spent with more cleaning and packing to get ready for the move. Last night while I desperately searched around for a last clean pair of uh... under garments to put on, it dawned on me that I've been so focused on packing that I hadn't done laundry in DAYS and DAYS. Let's just say today was a massive laundry day and I'm happy to report that everyone in the house has clean clothes, undergarments included.

One side effect of all of this packing is a more empty house (well, if you look past the box mountains that are erupting here and there.) I love all the empty space. My kitchen counters are amazing when you get all the junk off of them! But back to Alabama....

 Maddie waking up and showing me bunny.

 Izzie all smiles.

 Mema is going to kill me for including this photo of her in her housecoat, but it is so perfectly Mema. I love it.

We were playing around with the camera.

We didn't do too much this day, but we did get a chance to visit Mema's brother Jerry and his wife Cathy.

I brought coloring books for the kids to keep them entertained with the grown ups visited. (Ryan, Izzie & Maddie.)

 They got to have fun playing at Aunt Mary and Uncle Irvin's house. Uncle Irvin got out this race track and the kids had a blast with it. (M, I, R)

 The girls absolutely loved having Ryan to follow around. They were his little buddies through and through! Izzie is watching Ryan play the DS. I made the mistake of calling it a gameboy and I was quickly corrected. This is a DS, not a Gameboy. Whatever! :)

Aunt Mary kept trying to convince the kids that the toy snake around her neck was her "lovey" but they weren't buying it! Irvin was reading the paper, oblivious to the chaos of the kids, while Mema, Aunt Mary and I visited. Pepaw was watching the backs of his eyelids.

Like this. The light was too bright. I guess the glasses hold the towel in place better?

Bedtime arrives too early no matter how late you can stay up on vacation, but as soon as little heads hit pillows, girls were out. And they managed to keep their lovies away from Aunt Mary! Izzie and White Teddy, Maddie and Purple Bunny.

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