Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Down" day in Alabama

 The Thursday we spent in Alabama was our "down" day. It started out pretty strangely though. The day before was pretty busy so as we were getting ready for bed we all agreed we would sleep in. (I figured I'd keep the girls quiet as long as possible.) But they were actually so tired they slept in too. Finally we emerged from our room and I went to find Mema. She was surprised that Aunt Mary and Uncle Irvin weren't up yet. We were glad they decided to stay in bed and sleep in. Until Mema noticed she had a missed call on her cell. And Pepaw did too. Turns out, that Aunt Mary and Uncle Irvin slipped away in the middle of the night because he was having pains in his left arm and was worried about a heart attack. (Don't worry, turns out everything was okay!) But we spent the morning waiting for news and we were worried at that point. I was trying to keep the kids occupied and not get them worried. The day went by sort of leisurely, especially when we found out that Uncle Irvin was okay, but they did want to keep him overnight. The afternoon we had a short, but terrific thunderstorm and it was just a perfect day to stay inside and rest.

 Aunt Trudy came over while her husband Waylon went to the hospital to check on Irvin. She asked Izzie if she'd be her buddy and Izzie said, "sure."

 Ryan playing cars.

 Before the rain, we spent some time out on the patio. (Izzie, Maddie.)

 Playing with Magnets.

Mema and Pepaw relaxing.

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Love that metal patio bench!  My great grandmother had one of those, plus a couple of chairs...and then my grandmother got them.  Sweet memories!  :)