Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Ready to Cruise

 Izzie jumping on the hopscotch board that she helped build at Nanna and Popo's house.

 Maddie's turn.

 Having your house on the market means LOTS of picnics during showings! Maddie and Izzie enjoying a pretty summer day at the park.

 I really can't stand Wal-mart and rarely shop there. But I was having a hard time finding shorts in September, never mind that in Texas September is still Summer. What a crazy mistake to take the girls to Walmart on a Sunday. Shudder! But they were good and we survived. They loved the clothes racks and had a great time playing hide-and-go seek and because it was Walmart and I think hiding in clothes racks should be a childhood rite of passage, I let them have their fun. Izzie and Maddie.

 I worked my tail off making these Rapunzel dresses and the girls LOVE them!!!  I'm making wigs too, but they aren't complete yet.

 They wore them all day and said they made good dancing dresses. (Izzie, Maddie.)


 Took bath early this night and played blocks with me before bedtime. Changing up the routine is fun sometimes. Here is Izzie's castle.

 Maddie took a different approach to her castle.

 Nice weather this last week meant lots of playing outside! Maddie on her trike.

 I didn't even know my phone had a sepia setting, but I love how this photo came out of Izzie.

 Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and we took her out to lunch at the mall. Then as we were getting ready to leave, Izzie points at these rocks and said she just HAD to climb them. There was no other option. How could I say no? Maddie and Izzie.

 Izzie drew this picture of Daddy, complete with mustache and fuzzy hair that he "needs to go shave."

 Maddie's pic of Daddy... and it keeps turning upside down no matter what I do. I don't have time to fix it right now, so this will have to be a place holder for now.

 I was downstairs and I hear Maddie yelling, "Mom, bring the camera! Bring it NOW! We are SO cute!" I run upstairs to find them posing with the Panda's. Oh and you might notice that Maddie is wearing that dress a bunch, considering these photos span a few days. She has about 4 approved outfits right now and this dress is one of them.

 Our new swimsuits came in just in time for our Disney Cruise! Maddie and Izzie trying them on.. I can't believe these are 6's! They had a growth spurt and their 5's were giving them some major wedgies!

Izzie loved the cupcake she had to celebrate Nanna's birthday so much she licked the plate clean! I love the dab of chocolate on her nose!

 Dad helping me clean out my car and move the carseats back to the back row. Mom, Chris, Rhonda, Maddie, Izzie and I are driving down to Galveston. After our long trip with that many people in the car for Alabama, I wanted to put the girls in the back so us adults can get in and out easier.

Izzie and Maddie both really liked the seats back there because they could hold hands (I wonder how long that will last on the 5-6 hour car trip? The middle seats are folded down in the bottom and they thought it was REALLY cool to have all that empty space.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

National Talk Like a Pirate Day

 Last library day was Talk Like A Pirate day and the librarians dressed up like pirates for Storytime. Maddie and Izzie love pirates so it was a fun session! Mrs. Debbie read the book, "How I Became A Pirate" which is a book we have. The girls really enjoyed that!

 Daddy came to Storytime with us and the girls posed with him in front of Captain Jack Sparrow...which the girls were a bit weary of when they saw it!  (Izzie, Daddy, Maddie.)

 Not the best photo, but sometimes silly photos like these capture great memories. Izzie and Maddie love pretending to drive my van when we get home from running errands.

 Izzie wasn't feeling very well this day so she spent lots of time cuddling with Daddy and laying on the couch. Here Daddy is reading Izzie and Maddie a Tinkerbell book, which I just think is so cute.

 My poor sweetie... not feeling well. She bounced back fast though!

 Daddy left for his trip to Washington! We dropped him off at the airport.(Maddie, Daddy and Izzie)

 Tried taking a photo of ourselves, but it came out more than a bit blurry!

 When we got home the girls broke out the playdoh! Izzie was showing me the cookies she made.

 Maddie made a magnificent playdoh cake.

Maddie and Izzie enjoying playdoh!

Monday, September 24, 2012

FIRST Hair Cut

 My girls are 4 years and 9 months old and I still get to brag about a "first." Last Tuesday they got their very first haircut. Their hair just naturally grew in a nice way, parting on the side, bangs mostly staying out of their faces, etc. So I never felt the need to trip or cut it. But the ends were finally starting to get dried and tangled so I called for a hair appointment. They were okay with the idea, but not thrilled. They just wanted a trim and they wanted their hair cut exactly the same as each other. It was all going smoothly until we pulled up and I asked who was going first. I ended up picking Izzie since I had no volunteers and she had a mini-melt down. Alyson was terrific with her though, asking her about her favorite Princesses and just getting her to relax. Soon she was shampooing her hair and trimming it up. Here is the before picture of Izzie and Maddie.

 It was pretty long!

 Izzie getting her hair washed.

 Alyson trimming Izzie's hair, as you can see she's not exactly jumping with joy.


 Maddie actually gave me a mini smile.

 The after. Maddie is not upset about her hair, she was grumpy about something else. Their hair does seem to lay a bit differently after the cut, but they are happy with it.

The back.

One day, I'll catch up!

 Two Saturday's ago, I had a garage sale over at my friend Melanie's house. It was the perfect weather for a garage sale and we had a steady stream of customers. I was selling things for pretty cheap just to get rid of them. I didn't make a ton of money but had fun hanging with Melanie and saved a bunch of stuff from going to the dump. At the end of the day I didn't have too much left. I ended up giving away a few purses to the last customers!

 While we were garage selling, Garrett decided to cut a limb off a tree. As he did, the limb swung back and knocked his ladder over. He grabbed onto a higher branch and pulled himself up and then called for help. Of course we had to take a photo first!

 I know this is random, but it was fun. I didn't have a bow for mom's birthday present so the girls told me to put balloons all over it. And ONE golden ribbon... which apparently is on the other side of the balloons. I also did not get any photos of my mom at this party. This is the one and only photo. SAD, I tell you. Sigh. Happy Early Birthday again...

 Twin TOES!
 Maddie and Izzie cut out a bunch of princesses and fairies from their coloring book and then used them like puppets. We did a a lot of role playing and they had fun playing with their "characters."

 Nanny and Izzie at John's good bye party.

 Nanny, lost in thought.

 Izzie, White Teddy and Maddie.

 The big 18 wheeler came to take John's car to Washington. I think it was hard for John to say good bye to his baby... but he was glad that it'd be waiting for him when he got there.

 Loading it up.

Izzie and Maddie thought it was pretty cool.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More on our house...

 Our house for the past six years. This was the day the photographer came out to take photos of the house to get it ready to list. What a beautiful day! These aren't the official photos of the listing, just some pics I snapped with my camera.

Our floorplan.

 My entertainment center has never looked so shiny!

 I'm going to miss this view. I have heard that Washington is absolutely gorgeous, but for living so close to an urban area like Dallas, this is pretty spectacular. I hope to have views in my new home too!

 I absolutely love this organization system from IKEA. And since it isn't built in, I just might take it with me.

 The Master Bedroom

 Master Bath

 Visitor in the shower! (Izzie.)

 Family Room

 Girls Room

 Girls bathroom. I never got around to decorating this room. It is just bland and white. I spent just a bit of money on some bright green accessories and new shower curtain and it really made a huge difference!

 Guest Bedroom. This space has always been relaxing to me.

 The girls were watching the geese start to migrate in.

 Izzie and Maddie walking Ripley while the photographer was in our house doing the video tape.

 Izzie and Maddie trying to get poor Ripley to run. He's not too much up for running these days!



One more of Izzie.