Saturday, August 18, 2012

Before the trip and the 16 hour drive

 So before we headed to Alabama, the girls and I had to drive the 4 hour drive to get to Mema's house. We left early in the morning so that we'd have a good amount of time to play and hopefully get to bed early. The plan was to wake up at 3am the next day! This is Izzie trying on Mema's gardening hat as we relaxed and went over our packing list before dinner.

 Three AM and I loaded the van. Six people. Plenty of foot room and we didn't even block the windows. If packing was an olympic sport, I'd take home the gold. I can get more in a small space than anyone I know. That blue and green rectangle on top of the red suitcase... portable potty.... but we only had to use it once. Still... great to have a for a long car ride! My mom got it at One Step Ahead and it is great because it folds flat and takes regular zip lock bags.

In the car and ready (almost) to roll. No they did NOT go back to sleep. They were EXCITED!

Check out the cool little car pillows I made them on ropes that velcroed to the seat belt. They loved them.

 Before we started out, we moved our little van to the right side of the car which was "Texas" and as the day progressed it slowly, slowly inched its way across the van to the "Alabama" side. This helped the kids see how far they'd come and how far they had to go. Getting half way was exciting.

 First stop was Denny's for breakfast around 6:30AM. (Izzie, Maddie) They also loved eating breakfast in their PJ's. We got dressed right before the lunch stop!

Ryan, Mema, Pepaw.

Another still "dark" photo. Maddie, Mema, Ryan and Izzie.

Now it's light out, but we still haven't gotten into our clothes. But it was time for a movie break.

 Coloring to pass the time. I forgot to pack a coloring book for Mema. I should have made FOUR kiddie packs, I think Mema was jealous!

Ryan and Izzie.

Pepaw and I took turns driving, although he did most of the driving.

 Part of the drive is on something called the Natchez Trace, it's an old Indian Trail and it is very pretty. Two lanes the ENTIRE way with beautiful trees and lots of stops along the way for photo ops & restrooms. It's a very windy road and was very peaceful.

 I bought a few dollar store prizes for the kids like silly putty, cars, special pens and these handcuffs for Ryan. He LOVED them, much to Mema's chagrin. She stayed under arrest for most of the drive.

I had to take this photo and text it to my hubby (It's sign language for I LOVE YOU!) We missed him, but we would have had to tie him to the top of the car, there just wasn't room and it was a very last minute trip!
We finally arrived around 7 PM and the girls found this doll house and made themselves RIGHT at home! It was a long 16 hour-ish drive but it was fun and full of lots of memories. I will treasure the week I spent with Mema and Pepaw forever.

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