Monday, August 27, 2012

Alabama - Diving

On our first full day in Alabama we went to Suzie's house to go swimming. Pepaw had gone on ahead with someone else so Mema and I took the girls in the van. I had the GPS on and Mema was telling me where to go. Now, where we were in Alabama it is not like we were in the mountains, but y'all... Texas is FLAT. I'm not even used to driving on hills. And there are some BIG hills in northern Alabama. So we are driving to Suzie's house and Mema is pointing out all the relative's houses along the way and she realizes we made a wrong turn. So, I turn back and she said we were on the right track. Then she tells me to drive down this particular street and I look at my GPS and the road ends. I look up in my window and there is no more road (from my perspective.) My confidence in Mema was low since she already had gotten us side tracked once. She said, yes the road is there just drive! Well I realized we were at the crest of a hill so I just sort of trust and keep on driving. 

Sure enough the "road" ended and there was a gravel path that my van laughed at. But I manage to get down the bottom of that hill without sliding off the road and we drive through an amazingly thick forest with a cliff on one side that dropped to a river. Finally we made it to Suzie's house. She has an awesome pool and we had a very good time spending the afternoon there. Maddie and Izzie watched the older cousins going off the diving board and they wanted to try too. They even got brave enough to jump without their puddle jumpers! I couldn't photograph that though, because I was in the water helping them. Tyler caught them as they went down and then he sort of pushed them in my direction so I could get them to the wall. We made a great team and it really was one of the highlights of Maddie and Izzie's trip. 

 Izzie saw the big kids actually diving so that is what she wanted to do too. With that puddle jumper she ended up doing more belly flops than actual dives, but she did it with gusto.

 Cookie break! I made sure to have plenty of healthy snacks on me, but I did let the girls pick out one treat to enjoy.

 Maddie jumping with Roy and Ryan watching.

 Most of the grown ups did not get in the pool. Although once the pool volley ball started up, I thought Mema was going to jump in with her clothes she got so excited.

Ryan did some excellent dives!

Now, you know that hill that I came down to get to Suzie's house? Now I had to drive up it. My van was very worried about it and we almost didn't make it up, but somehow we were the little engine that could and we made it up that hill. I'm sure someone with more hill experience would have been fine but for me, it was a challenge! (later in the week I have one more scary hill story to tell....)

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Serendippity said...

Why may I ask did you not take a photo of that monstrous hill?  Or Suzie's house?