Sunday, July 29, 2012


On Friday, John's Grandma fell and broke her hip. She just celebrated her 90th birthday last month. John's mom, dad and grandma were all on a road trip up to visit family in Wisconsin. They'd stayed over in Missouri and were shopping on Friday morning before heading out for the rest of their drive. While shopping, Grandma (the girls call her Nanny) fell and was taken to the hospital. She had surgery on her hip this morning and is doing okay. She'll be in the hospital for at least a week and then she can come back to Texas. But she'll have to be in a live-in rehab center for at least a month. The doctors do think she'll be able to walk again, but only with a walker. We all wish we could have been there this morning while she was in surgery but we sent our love long distance. The girls have even made several get well cards.

Otherwise, our Sunday has been pretty uneventful. More watching of the Olympics. Which, my mom did call to point out that I left out some info in my last blog post. She said it sounded like the girls and her just did a few art projects when really Mom went to a lot of effort to actually plan lessons around the projects. I know she did spend a lot of time working on them so I'm sorry I left out the info! She taught the girls about the first Olympics in Greece, the history of the torch, how often the Olympics are held, and where the current Olympics are being held. They worked on vocabulary words like Host, Athlete and Competition. And they discussed several of the sports that are held during the summer Olympics. The girls were able to list about 12 sports each. So I did not mean to make it sound like they just did arts and crafts! I know that both the girls and my mom put a lot of work into their Olympic studies!!

The other thing I did today was make two brand new dresses out of two old shirts of mine. I went through my closet a few days ago and pulled out a bunch of polos that were out of style and some shirts that I just never wore because they were uncomfortable. I'd love to say that I'm being trendy and upcycling, which I am because upcycling clothes is all the rage right now, but it's also just a plain good way to stretch our clothing budget while John is still looking for a job. The girls are growing so fast! I need to learn how to sew sleeves so that I can make some winter clothes but I'm pretty impressed with my attempts at altering old adult shirts into child size dresses with no patterns.
 This was an old polo of mine. I converted it to a dress and then I added the ruffle cap sleeves and a ruffle in the back. The butterfly applique was from one of the girls' old t-shirts that they outgrew a long time ago. I did not think to take a before photo!

I turned this old pink shirt into another cute t-shirt dress for the girls. This shirt had a v-neck so I added a panel of fabric, also from one of the girls shirts that was way too small for them.

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