Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer is awesome

Catching up again. We've been busy having FUN!

 I do sometimes actually let my kids watch tv. Shocking, right? Most of the time they only get to watch one show a day, some days no tv and somedays they do get to watch an extra show (that is rare though.) We also occasionally watch movies, but it's a special treat, or when I have a mountain of laundry to catch up on!

 My kitty Jake. Please ignore my husbands foot. This was too cute of a photo of my kitty to not include it.

 I love the sunbeams in this photo. I was being lazy and reading in bed while the girls were playing with a felt board, creating a story. I keep a handful of "special" toys in my dresser drawer that they only get to play with  in our room. It used to be so I could shut the door and grab a quick shower when they were little, but the tradition continued and the toys have changed. It keeps those toys more fun too.

 The girls made spaghetti from scratch for lunch the other day. I made the dough the night before for dinner, and kept back some of it for them to use. We rolled it all out in our pasta machine and cut the noodles, hung them to dry and made sauce from scratch. This is Izzie and Maddie (yes Maddie is in Izzie's pink dress, don't worry she asked Izzie first) cutting garlic with a butter knife. This sauce is great for kids because you can dump all the ingredients in a cold pot, stir it and then it goes on the stove to simmer.

 I do not have a pasta drying rack. So I sanatized this broom handle and repurposed it for the afternoon.

 Izzie was proud of her noodles.

 Maddie showing her finished noodles off.

 Izzie drew this Texas from memory without looking at Texas for refrence. I thought it was pretty great.

 The rest of the picture. She drew a red road over a river. The red lines are to "hold the road up so it won't go in the river." I said, "oh, you drew a bridge!" She said, "NO! It's to hold the road up so it won't fall in the river!" I told her that is what a bridge does and that she drew a pretty awesome bridge. She still wasn't fully convinced.

 These fairy books are pretty cool and sneaky. The girls thought they were having fun with stickers but they were actually writing letters, practicing stenciling, counting and a few other educational things. This is Izzie


 Maddie and Izzie at the library.

 Izzie working with salt dough. Salt dough is used a lot of times to make Christmas ornaments. We are making discs that we plan on painting to make Olympic medals. They are going to paint a Gold, Silver and Bronze tomorrow.

 Maddie rolling out her dough.

Went to the splash park with Alison, Jake and Ford today. You can see Izzie and Maddie hugging/climbing the rings.

 Modeling their swimsuits.

 There was a terrific breeze today. The girls actually got chilly after they got wet. The decided to wrap up in their towels and lay in the sit in the sun. Which turned into laying in the sun and almost dozing off.

Maddie and Izzie.

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

So did they like the splash park better this year than last?  Our girls - especially A - still aren't sold.  ;)

And we have some similar-looking fairy books.  They're really great!  It's on my list to make some worksheets using some of the inspiration from those books, and some of the gazillion stickers I keep buying at the Target dollar spot.  :)