Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics

I have very fond memories of watching the olympics when I was a kid. Mostly the gymnastics in the summer and the ice skating in the winter. Out of the two, I think the summer sports are my favorite, but I love the winter Olympics too. Well for over the past month my mom and I have been gearing the girls up to watch the Olympics. I kept telling them how exciting they were and how much I loved them. They didn't seem so sure. Finally I got their skepticism. We told them that the Olympics were sports. They know I do not like watching sports. They were having a very hard time adding that up in their heads!

So I went on to describe the competition aspect and how we can learn about countries from all around the world. Mom helped them make an Olympic flag (it broke about 5 minutes of being home, but I fixed it today. I'll post pictures soon.) And she also helped them make torches. So yesterday they were ready to see what all the Olympic fuss was about. Izzie was ready to see some diving! Apparently we forgot to tell them that events happen at different times and we can't just watch whatever event we want to watch whenever we want to watch it. We told them that last night was only the opening ceremonies and that there were no sports. They were bummed but they still enjoyed watching the program. They made it to about 8 pm, but we recorded the rest so they can watch the torch being lit tomorrow. 

 Daddy and Izzie getting ready for the opening ceremonies to start.


 Izzie and Maddie.



Let the ceremonies begin!!!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

We've been talking about the Olympics, too.  I hoped to catch some swimming yesterday, but archery was the only thing on (in addition to boxing -- don't want to introduce that idea...HA!).  The girls were content to watch for a few minutes.  If nothing else, it's a great geography lesson.

Those torches look great!  We taped the end of the opening ceremony to show the girls...maybe we'll make a torch after they see what I was trying to describe to them.  I finally told them a torch is like a big candle...and then they got off on why we need to light candles, like when the lights go out.  Three-year olds...HA!