Sunday, July 29, 2012


On Friday, John's Grandma fell and broke her hip. She just celebrated her 90th birthday last month. John's mom, dad and grandma were all on a road trip up to visit family in Wisconsin. They'd stayed over in Missouri and were shopping on Friday morning before heading out for the rest of their drive. While shopping, Grandma (the girls call her Nanny) fell and was taken to the hospital. She had surgery on her hip this morning and is doing okay. She'll be in the hospital for at least a week and then she can come back to Texas. But she'll have to be in a live-in rehab center for at least a month. The doctors do think she'll be able to walk again, but only with a walker. We all wish we could have been there this morning while she was in surgery but we sent our love long distance. The girls have even made several get well cards.

Otherwise, our Sunday has been pretty uneventful. More watching of the Olympics. Which, my mom did call to point out that I left out some info in my last blog post. She said it sounded like the girls and her just did a few art projects when really Mom went to a lot of effort to actually plan lessons around the projects. I know she did spend a lot of time working on them so I'm sorry I left out the info! She taught the girls about the first Olympics in Greece, the history of the torch, how often the Olympics are held, and where the current Olympics are being held. They worked on vocabulary words like Host, Athlete and Competition. And they discussed several of the sports that are held during the summer Olympics. The girls were able to list about 12 sports each. So I did not mean to make it sound like they just did arts and crafts! I know that both the girls and my mom put a lot of work into their Olympic studies!!

The other thing I did today was make two brand new dresses out of two old shirts of mine. I went through my closet a few days ago and pulled out a bunch of polos that were out of style and some shirts that I just never wore because they were uncomfortable. I'd love to say that I'm being trendy and upcycling, which I am because upcycling clothes is all the rage right now, but it's also just a plain good way to stretch our clothing budget while John is still looking for a job. The girls are growing so fast! I need to learn how to sew sleeves so that I can make some winter clothes but I'm pretty impressed with my attempts at altering old adult shirts into child size dresses with no patterns.
 This was an old polo of mine. I converted it to a dress and then I added the ruffle cap sleeves and a ruffle in the back. The butterfly applique was from one of the girls' old t-shirts that they outgrew a long time ago. I did not think to take a before photo!

I turned this old pink shirt into another cute t-shirt dress for the girls. This shirt had a v-neck so I added a panel of fabric, also from one of the girls shirts that was way too small for them.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics

I have very fond memories of watching the olympics when I was a kid. Mostly the gymnastics in the summer and the ice skating in the winter. Out of the two, I think the summer sports are my favorite, but I love the winter Olympics too. Well for over the past month my mom and I have been gearing the girls up to watch the Olympics. I kept telling them how exciting they were and how much I loved them. They didn't seem so sure. Finally I got their skepticism. We told them that the Olympics were sports. They know I do not like watching sports. They were having a very hard time adding that up in their heads!

So I went on to describe the competition aspect and how we can learn about countries from all around the world. Mom helped them make an Olympic flag (it broke about 5 minutes of being home, but I fixed it today. I'll post pictures soon.) And she also helped them make torches. So yesterday they were ready to see what all the Olympic fuss was about. Izzie was ready to see some diving! Apparently we forgot to tell them that events happen at different times and we can't just watch whatever event we want to watch whenever we want to watch it. We told them that last night was only the opening ceremonies and that there were no sports. They were bummed but they still enjoyed watching the program. They made it to about 8 pm, but we recorded the rest so they can watch the torch being lit tomorrow. 

 Daddy and Izzie getting ready for the opening ceremonies to start.


 Izzie and Maddie.



Let the ceremonies begin!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer is awesome

Catching up again. We've been busy having FUN!

 I do sometimes actually let my kids watch tv. Shocking, right? Most of the time they only get to watch one show a day, some days no tv and somedays they do get to watch an extra show (that is rare though.) We also occasionally watch movies, but it's a special treat, or when I have a mountain of laundry to catch up on!

 My kitty Jake. Please ignore my husbands foot. This was too cute of a photo of my kitty to not include it.

 I love the sunbeams in this photo. I was being lazy and reading in bed while the girls were playing with a felt board, creating a story. I keep a handful of "special" toys in my dresser drawer that they only get to play with  in our room. It used to be so I could shut the door and grab a quick shower when they were little, but the tradition continued and the toys have changed. It keeps those toys more fun too.

 The girls made spaghetti from scratch for lunch the other day. I made the dough the night before for dinner, and kept back some of it for them to use. We rolled it all out in our pasta machine and cut the noodles, hung them to dry and made sauce from scratch. This is Izzie and Maddie (yes Maddie is in Izzie's pink dress, don't worry she asked Izzie first) cutting garlic with a butter knife. This sauce is great for kids because you can dump all the ingredients in a cold pot, stir it and then it goes on the stove to simmer.

 I do not have a pasta drying rack. So I sanatized this broom handle and repurposed it for the afternoon.

 Izzie was proud of her noodles.

 Maddie showing her finished noodles off.

 Izzie drew this Texas from memory without looking at Texas for refrence. I thought it was pretty great.

 The rest of the picture. She drew a red road over a river. The red lines are to "hold the road up so it won't go in the river." I said, "oh, you drew a bridge!" She said, "NO! It's to hold the road up so it won't fall in the river!" I told her that is what a bridge does and that she drew a pretty awesome bridge. She still wasn't fully convinced.

 These fairy books are pretty cool and sneaky. The girls thought they were having fun with stickers but they were actually writing letters, practicing stenciling, counting and a few other educational things. This is Izzie


 Maddie and Izzie at the library.

 Izzie working with salt dough. Salt dough is used a lot of times to make Christmas ornaments. We are making discs that we plan on painting to make Olympic medals. They are going to paint a Gold, Silver and Bronze tomorrow.

 Maddie rolling out her dough.

Went to the splash park with Alison, Jake and Ford today. You can see Izzie and Maddie hugging/climbing the rings.

 Modeling their swimsuits.

 There was a terrific breeze today. The girls actually got chilly after they got wet. The decided to wrap up in their towels and lay in the sit in the sun. Which turned into laying in the sun and almost dozing off.

Maddie and Izzie.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun time

John just gave Maddie a "two more minute" warning before it was time to come in. Maddie ran back outside yelling to her sister, "We have TWO more minutes of FUN left!"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Twins Turn 1!

Today was Darrian and Daylynn's Thing 1 and Thing 2 birthday party.  Here are some photos from the day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Here at Mema and Pepaw's house

Today I took the girls to my mema's house by myself for the first time. They did great in the car. Actually better than when I have another adult. We played some road games, a bit of iPad and watched a Disney Sing-a-long on the DVD. We only had to stop once and so we made pretty good time.

Once here my cousins, Darrian and Daylynn came over. Maddie and Izzie loved babysitting them. Tomorrow is the little twins first birthday party and my girls are excited about that!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ladies and Gentle Bugs

After a quiet moment in the car Izzie says, "Gentleman-bugs must be what boy Ladybugs are called."
I agreed, that sounded about right. Then they went back to some more quiet thinking.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pantry Reveal

I just realized I never posted my Fourth of July photos! I'll have to work on that this afternoon, but right now I'm excited to show off my pantry re-do! I started the project a couple of months ago and then took a long break. But the past several days I committed to finishing it and I'm very proud of the results. It's funny when all you want to do is stare at your pantry, but seriously, I'm so excited that is all I want to do!

Sadly I did not think to take any before pictures. Probably because I was horrified about the amount of dust bunnies at the bottom of my pantry. Under the bottom shelf I had stuffed a bunch of reuseable grocery bags, some boxes, and other pantry odds and ends. Basically it was not easy to sweep around all that stuff and over time, the little dust bunnies were taking over. Not to mention all the garlic paper peels that flittered to the bottom and the errant raisins that dropped when 4 year old hands raided the raisin bin!

But now, I've got a shiny, gleaming, Pinterest-worthy pantry. I love the bright yellow I picked. It makes the pantry look bright and sunny. I can't believe how much extra room I have right now. This pantry was stuffed to the brim. But I got rid of some things that I haven't used in the six years that I have lived in this house. I figure if I haven't used it in that long, I didn't really want it. The fondue pot almost didn't make the cut, since I have not used it (ever) but I want to use it. Maybe now that it isn't hidden, I'll think about it using it! The coffee pot is only there for when my in-laws visit, as we don't drink coffee. That cute bin next to the coffee pot was a diaper box in it's former life. I covered it in fabric (thanks Pinterest for the idea!) It is holding two waffle irons, a George Forman Grill and the ice cream maker. Makes that shelf look SO much tidier!

I'm not sure if I have all my jars in the "right" places yet. I tried organizing by type. The bottom shelf has my potatoes, garlic and onions. And next to that is the girls "snack" station. Nuts, dried fruit, dried vegetables.

This side of the pantry you don't see unless you are in the pantry. I put a basket for our loaves of bread, some cleaning supplies (vinegar, washing powder, borax. And right now I have a bunch of ziplock bags. Eventually I'd like to replace zip bags with re-usable bags, but they still are around right now. I found those paper plates at the back of the pantry along with a huge box from SAMS of plastic cutlery. I haven't bought paper or plastic plates in over a year, and I didn't know they were in the pantry. (It really needed cleaning, y'all!) I have some of my serving dishes and platters on this side along with my stand mixer and my Mema's old blender. She gave it to me when I was in college and it is still kickin'. It is on it's last legs though, I think it was from the 70's. I wish they still made products to last like they used to.

This wall houses some of my kitchen tools. This used to be behind the door of the pantry, but I took the door off. It was always getting in the way and it was ALWAYS open. I mean, if I have a party and the door is open then, why bother with having a door that annoys you? So I took it off. I'd like to get a cool grid from Container Store or Home Depot and organize this wall in a better fashion since it is more "open" to viewing now.

Well there you have it, my great Pantry Reveal. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. A few last notes: I switched over to glass containers in a slow process. Every few times I was at the store, if I saw a glass container on sale I'd pick one up. I also used a bunch of mason jars. It gives an eccletic look, but since they are all glass, I think it helps unify the storage. I did spend a day painting on chalkboard squares on a lot of my storage, but I don't recommend my method because it isn't dishwasher safe (found out the hard way.) I also just gathered up a bunch of baskets I had around the house (and even made one!) so the mix of baskets doesn't make it look super polished, but still tidy.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So Lame

The girls were asking me what "lame" means. I guess I say it alot? Anyway, I told them it meant when something was boring or not cool or fun. Izzie pipes up, "Time out is so lame."

She totally got the meaning of the word!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hangin to some Music

I sent the girls up to clean their room this morning (which they did.) Then they shut the door and told me they were going to listen to some music. Of course the music they are listening to is ABC's and the Hokey Pokey, but sure did give me a flash forward to those teenage years.