Friday, June 15, 2012

Swim Lessons

Wow, I just realized I never posted about Swim Lessons! Our first session is over and I have been so busy that I haven't talked about it yet. The girls did such a great job! From the first session to the last session they learned an incredible amount. The first day of class both girls were very nervous and Maddie almost started crying. I think the only thing that kept her in check was the fact that she knows that Ms. Mimi would send ME to the office if she cried. She wanted me to watch her class so she held those tears in. Ms. Mimi is also known as the Swimmer Whisperer. She is AMAZING with kids. I think it is because she talks to them like people. If she asks a child a question she expects that child to answer. Any adult standing near that tries to answer for the child gets the Mimi glare of death. She also has absolutes. Children always know where they stand with Ms. Mimi and I think they love that consistency. (By the way, for the local people reading my blog, Ms. Mimi is the owner of Aqua Fit Plano and I highly recommend using her for lessons!)

But like I said, day one both girls were very hesitant to go under water and by the last day of class they were "swimming" across the width of the pool mostly unassisted. They were not graceful by any means, they have a long way to go, but to see my babies getting from point A to point B in the water without a float was amazing. We have a two week break and then we are going back for a second session. I though this summer was a pivotal summer in having two sessions. I'll probably think the same thing next year, but I really think having two this summer will have a lasting effect on their swim abilities for the future.

 Maddie swimming with Coach Marc on the first day of class.

 Izzie's turn. This was on the first day of class.

 Maddie floating on the last day of class with Coach Peg.

 Love this shot I got of Maddie and Izzie.

 John and I watching the girls swim.

 Maddie (wearing Izzie's dress) and Izzie playing ball.

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