Thursday, June 21, 2012


Izzie drew a variety this morning. Monster, Crocodile (top right), Bunny and a Deer. I love watching how her art is progressing!

Yesterday we went to my moms house and went swimming. I wish I had stopped to take some photos! But when you are having fun, swimming you don't want to stop, get dry and get out the camera. I wonder how much a disposable digital water camera is? I've heard that they have them. I think it'd be fun. One of my friends posted a bunch of photos yesterday of water fun that she had with her kids with her underwater camera and the photos were terrific!

Today we are going to story time. We were going to go yesterday, but spontaneously decided to swim instead. That is the beauty of summer. I wanted to take the girls to the library on Tuesday to see The Critterman. It was a special event. But that is sort of a long story that started on Monday night.

See on Monday night I had a Mom's Night Out. We have a newly formed Sub-Group to PAMOM. It's the Mom's of Identical Multiples. We were getting together to discuss the book One and the Same by Abigail Pogrebin. It's a great book that I've recommended several times on my blog. It really speaks to anyone who is close to a set of twins, especially if they are identical. Anyway, I ended up carpooling with my friend Luisa, who lives pretty close to me. We were driving 50 minutes away, so it was fun to have company in the car. Just as we pulled up to Trina's house, I heard a pop and a hiss and saw billowing smoke come out of my engine. Luisa jumped out and told me that my car was leaking pink stuff.

I quickly called Chris, who figured that one of the hoses that had antifreeze in it must have exploded. He came out to rescue me (John was stuck at home with the girls, I had the van with the carseats, plus they were already in bed.) Chris confirmed what the problem was, but he said we'd have to come back the next day to fix it. I had to leave the gathering early with Chris (who had to get to bed since he had work early the next day.) So Luisa hitched home with Ashley. What a crazy night! Chris and I did go back and fixed the car up in a jiffy on Tuesday evening. So all of that is why we missed Critterman. Hopefully he comes back and we can catch him later this summer. (I have no idea who Critterman is, just sounded like a fun and free thing to do!)

Tonight we are going back over to Jackie's house to celebrate Nanny's REAL birthday. Saturday was her party, but today is her real birthday so the family is getting together for dinner and cake.

Well that's my random update.

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