Sunday, June 24, 2012

A bit of Math while Daddy golfs

John is out golfing today with his dad and his brother-in-laws. Good male bonding day. I was joking that we needed to start a wives club. But I'm happy that he's getting to spend good time with his dad and I'm actually looking forward to spending the day with the girls. Don't get me wrong, I've loved having John home these almost 5 months. I mean, yes, we do hope he finds a great job soon, but in the mean time we are trying to manage the stress and enjoy life together. But that being said, I'm sure he loves an opportunity to get out of the house and I am enjoying a day with the girls.

We started this morning off with a fun math game. Lesson just sounds so formal and we want learning to be fun! It's simple really. Get tokens and divide a plate in three. Or use a plate that has three sections. Then place tokens and add them up. We also practiced writing out our equations. Our number work needs a lot of help. We've been practicing letters but I've never formally had them write numbers. You could tell. Maddie got discouraged that her numbers looked so funny, but when I pointed out it was our first time to write numbers she felt better. Izzie in true Izzie fashion, placed her tokens with artistic flare. She kept trying to make patterns and was less interested in actually counting them. But she did good multitasking. Maddie was all efficiency, lining her tokens up and delivering the answer in a no-nonsense manner.

Then after we did about four problems, we did some exercise math. We counted 4 jumping jacks and added them to 3 squats to get 7 exercises. Then the girls came up with some of their own. Six tree poses with 4 ballet jumps (Izzie) and 5 jumping jacks with 3 leg kicks, etc. They had fun with that.

As for the rest of the day, I think we'll finish watch Tarzan while I fold clothes. Perhaps this afternoon we'll make it over to my moms house to swim. Izzie wants to do an art project so we'll probably pull out the paints. Just a relaxing Sunday!

 Izzie, she put one token in each corner to make a triangle design.

 Maddie wanted all her of her tokens to be blue.

 Dump them for the next problem.

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