Saturday, June 30, 2012

Art, Play and Learning

 Izzie about to clean her desk with shaving cream. They used to love this activity as a toddler, but now they were over it pretty quickly. Even so, it's fun for a bit and it actually does get the desk clean.

Rub it all in!


We probably should have done playdoh BEFORE shaving cream, but the playdoh doesn't make that big of a mess! (Izzie.)


 During quiet time Maddie and Izzie called me up so they could show me how they organized all their friends.


 After dinner, we played Reading Bingo. This was our first time to play any sort of bingo and they really liked it!



 This was the look Maddie gave me when she saw she had made a BINGO!

 Other activities today included me organizing some of their school supplies a bit, lots of coloring, some reading and then a visit to my friend, Melanie's, new house. We had a fun and busy day today!

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