Saturday, June 30, 2012

Art, Play and Learning

 Izzie about to clean her desk with shaving cream. They used to love this activity as a toddler, but now they were over it pretty quickly. Even so, it's fun for a bit and it actually does get the desk clean.

Rub it all in!


We probably should have done playdoh BEFORE shaving cream, but the playdoh doesn't make that big of a mess! (Izzie.)


 During quiet time Maddie and Izzie called me up so they could show me how they organized all their friends.


 After dinner, we played Reading Bingo. This was our first time to play any sort of bingo and they really liked it!



 This was the look Maddie gave me when she saw she had made a BINGO!

 Other activities today included me organizing some of their school supplies a bit, lots of coloring, some reading and then a visit to my friend, Melanie's, new house. We had a fun and busy day today!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daddy's Hands

 Daddy and Izzie's hand
 Daddy, Maddie and Izzie

 Daddy and Maddie
 Izzie showing me a picture of a girl and and orange she drew.

 Maddie drew a bunch of hills and mountains, colored them, cut them out and taped them all together.

 Maddie showing me a musical instrument that she invented. She wants to grow up to be an inventor, a mather, dancer and flower hunter.

Izzie showing a girl and an apple. She's going to grow up to be an artist, dancer, flower hunter and a leaf investigator.

I love this giraffe that Izzie drew.

 Today we had a fun, busy day! We met Jake and Ford at the mall for a playdate and then we had a picnic in the car on the way to storytime. This is Izzie showing me her muscles at the mall.

Maddie posed and said, "take my picture mom!"
This evening, after dinner, the girls spotted two bunnies in our yard.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Foot Massage

This evening we went out to dinner with Daddy, Nanna and Popo. Popo met us there from his work, but Nanna came with us in our van so I had to crawl in the back. It's hot in Dallas. Crawling in the back of a van is not fun. The temp on my car read 120 in direct sunlight bouncing off the metal hood. That's hot. But sitting in the back has its perks. Izzie and Maddie gave me a foot massage all the way to the restaurant. (Where yes, we did go wash hands before dinner.)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A bit of Math while Daddy golfs

John is out golfing today with his dad and his brother-in-laws. Good male bonding day. I was joking that we needed to start a wives club. But I'm happy that he's getting to spend good time with his dad and I'm actually looking forward to spending the day with the girls. Don't get me wrong, I've loved having John home these almost 5 months. I mean, yes, we do hope he finds a great job soon, but in the mean time we are trying to manage the stress and enjoy life together. But that being said, I'm sure he loves an opportunity to get out of the house and I am enjoying a day with the girls.

We started this morning off with a fun math game. Lesson just sounds so formal and we want learning to be fun! It's simple really. Get tokens and divide a plate in three. Or use a plate that has three sections. Then place tokens and add them up. We also practiced writing out our equations. Our number work needs a lot of help. We've been practicing letters but I've never formally had them write numbers. You could tell. Maddie got discouraged that her numbers looked so funny, but when I pointed out it was our first time to write numbers she felt better. Izzie in true Izzie fashion, placed her tokens with artistic flare. She kept trying to make patterns and was less interested in actually counting them. But she did good multitasking. Maddie was all efficiency, lining her tokens up and delivering the answer in a no-nonsense manner.

Then after we did about four problems, we did some exercise math. We counted 4 jumping jacks and added them to 3 squats to get 7 exercises. Then the girls came up with some of their own. Six tree poses with 4 ballet jumps (Izzie) and 5 jumping jacks with 3 leg kicks, etc. They had fun with that.

As for the rest of the day, I think we'll finish watch Tarzan while I fold clothes. Perhaps this afternoon we'll make it over to my moms house to swim. Izzie wants to do an art project so we'll probably pull out the paints. Just a relaxing Sunday!

 Izzie, she put one token in each corner to make a triangle design.

 Maddie wanted all her of her tokens to be blue.

 Dump them for the next problem.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


 Yesterday we had the best splash playdate ever. Alison scored this awesome water bounce house contraption and the kids LOVED it. Seriously loved it. It took Madison and Sydney a bit of time to warm up to the idea, but they eventually got in on the sliding action. All the kids were great about taking turns and they just went down the slide over and over and over. Her is Jake, Ford, Sydney, Gabe, Izzie, Maddie and Madison.
 Izzie standing under the "shower." No way in a million years would she have done that last year!

 Madison and Sydney

 Ford. He was asking his mom to get out the water guns. But she only had a couple. He said, "Mom, I promise, really promise, I'll share!" How can you resist that?

 Gabe showing me his muscles.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie and Sydney. At lunch, Sydney asked me, "Who was I playing with? Maddie or Izzie?" For the most part their friends can tell them apart, but sometimes they get them mixed up too.

 This should have been the first photo. Getting in line to go down the slide for the first time.


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Izzie drew a variety this morning. Monster, Crocodile (top right), Bunny and a Deer. I love watching how her art is progressing!

Yesterday we went to my moms house and went swimming. I wish I had stopped to take some photos! But when you are having fun, swimming you don't want to stop, get dry and get out the camera. I wonder how much a disposable digital water camera is? I've heard that they have them. I think it'd be fun. One of my friends posted a bunch of photos yesterday of water fun that she had with her kids with her underwater camera and the photos were terrific!

Today we are going to story time. We were going to go yesterday, but spontaneously decided to swim instead. That is the beauty of summer. I wanted to take the girls to the library on Tuesday to see The Critterman. It was a special event. But that is sort of a long story that started on Monday night.

See on Monday night I had a Mom's Night Out. We have a newly formed Sub-Group to PAMOM. It's the Mom's of Identical Multiples. We were getting together to discuss the book One and the Same by Abigail Pogrebin. It's a great book that I've recommended several times on my blog. It really speaks to anyone who is close to a set of twins, especially if they are identical. Anyway, I ended up carpooling with my friend Luisa, who lives pretty close to me. We were driving 50 minutes away, so it was fun to have company in the car. Just as we pulled up to Trina's house, I heard a pop and a hiss and saw billowing smoke come out of my engine. Luisa jumped out and told me that my car was leaking pink stuff.

I quickly called Chris, who figured that one of the hoses that had antifreeze in it must have exploded. He came out to rescue me (John was stuck at home with the girls, I had the van with the carseats, plus they were already in bed.) Chris confirmed what the problem was, but he said we'd have to come back the next day to fix it. I had to leave the gathering early with Chris (who had to get to bed since he had work early the next day.) So Luisa hitched home with Ashley. What a crazy night! Chris and I did go back and fixed the car up in a jiffy on Tuesday evening. So all of that is why we missed Critterman. Hopefully he comes back and we can catch him later this summer. (I have no idea who Critterman is, just sounded like a fun and free thing to do!)

Tonight we are going back over to Jackie's house to celebrate Nanny's REAL birthday. Saturday was her party, but today is her real birthday so the family is getting together for dinner and cake.

Well that's my random update.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The BIG Day

I hope you got the memo. Today was of course the most important day of the year. It was Nanny's 90th Birthday Celebration! Nanny is John's Grandma on his Mother's side. Nanny's birthday is always a big deal, but this year it was a huge deal (as it should be!) She was surrounded by love on all sides. She had a great big party, a huge turn out. There was some elaborate deception going on too. Jackie wanted to surprise her with a visit from her sisters and brothers that all live in Wisconsin. We thought maybe she guessed at one point, but if she did figure it out, she's one heck of an actress because she sure looked shocked to see them come to the party. Okay, well I have about a million photos of from the day, and I do plan on sharing most of them. Most focus around my kids, but I'm partial to their looks. I took about 100 photos today, I promise not to put them ALL up here....

 When we arrived at the Country Club where the party was to take place, there was this lovely wrought iron bench so I just HAD to steal a photo op... Maddie and Izzie.

Izzie and Maddie.
This is where Jackie tells Nanny that she has sinned. She said she was waiting for Father to show up so she could confess her sins. She said, "Mom, I've been lying to you! And I've kept lying and lying!" Nanny's draw DROPPED to the floor. She had no idea what Jackie was talking about. Apparently keeping the secret about Betty and the other's visit turned into an interesting web of lies that involved many people and lots of trickery. But it was SO worth it. Jackie then turned around as Nanny's brother and her sisters came in the room and said, "We wanted to surprise you!" And Nanny was very, very surprised.

 She just kept staring at her sisters at first because she was so shocked, she couldn't imagine them being there. 

  Nanny giving her brother Jim a big hug.

 Nanny with Maddie and Izzie.

 Sabrina, Lucy, Maddie and Izzie.

 Nanny with her sisters, Carol and Betty and her Great Grandchildren. Sammy, Sabrina, Holly, Izzie, Lucy Maddie and Zach. (Zach is one of Nanny's son, Jim's, grandkids.)

 Maddie, Sabrina, Holly, Izzie, Lucy and Sammy.

 Dana the Child Whisperer. She was trying to keep the kids quiet during the speeches.

 What a family! Chris, Julie, Judy, Tom, John, Amanda, Holly, Cody. Sabrina, Sammy, Zach, Jim, Nanny, Maddie, Jackie, Izzie, Dana and Lucy.


 Izzie with her Daddy.

 Izzie, Lucy and Maddie.

 Izzie and her Momma.

 Jim, Nanny and Jackie.

 My husband gives great speeches, even on the fly.

 Some of the out of towners! Judy, Carol and Betty visiting with Nanny.

 The grandkids sang You are my Sunshine to Nanny for her birthday. Sabrina, Lucy, Maddie, Izzie, Zach and Sammy.

 My Maddie.

 Grown-ups can be SO boring. Maddie and Izzie trying to find someway to be entertained during the party.

 But that is what cousins are for, right? A rousing game of Ring Around the Rosie cures all that bores you.
Maddie, Izzie, Sabrina and Lucy.

 Maddie and Momma.

 Jackie listening to Nanny thank everyone for being there for her.


 These are my two brother-in-laws and you know, they are pretty good guys. Cody and Chris.

 Downtime on Grandma's bed.

 "Really?" She says, "You are really going to take a photo of me right now?" "Oh great... I bet it's going on the blog!" Yep! HI DANA!

 My cute Holly. She's turning 1 in less than a month. Since John and I were the only one's around for her birthing-day, hopefully more show up for her 1 year birthday!

 Izzie just hanging around with Dad.

 My family.

Maddie having a swingin' good time with her Daddy.