Sunday, May 20, 2012


I recently got this book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons from Amazon. I was excited to jump right in and try it on the girls. Today we finished lesson 12. The first two days we did 2 lessons, one in the morning and one in the evening, but other than that we've been doing one lesson a day. The lessons are very short, which is great for a four year old. They slowly, very very slowly start in with introducing one sound. But it builds confidence (because the student can easily learn that one sound for the lesson) and it teaches the method of the book.

Today, like I said, we did lesson 12. They each read: Seed, Sam, Rat, Me, Eat and Seat on their own. They could NOT do that 10 days ago! With these lessons I'm working with each girl individually. I want to make sure they are getting it completely without sissy helping. I did do one lesson together, but decided that it is best to do them separately. With Izzie, I have to go very slow and build up her confidence. When she first sees a word she balks and says "I can't read that!" But we take it one letter at a time and then she reads the word and is SO proud. It's coming a bit easier for Maddie, but Maddie cannot sit still and focus. Actually both girls have a hard time sitting still for the entire lesson but Maddie's attention wanders much more easily. But keeping in mind that they are just 4, I think it's okay that they are wiggly during lessons that are obviously challenging them.

I'm excited for tomorrows lesson where they get to read their first sentence. See me eat. This book even focuses on reading comprehension. After reading their first sentence they get to look at a photo of a boy eating. They then will answer questions about the "story." What is the boy doing? Do you think he likes to eat? What do you see in the picture that shows he likes to eat? What is he eating? What do you like to eat? I think it's great that the lessons build in reading comprehension at a very early stage of reading.

Anyway, even though we are only 12 lessons into the book, so far I'm really liking it and I'm seeing success in my girls. I'm so proud at how hard they are working at learning to read!

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vrlamain said...

Their cousin will be very happy to know the girls can read his name.

Perhaps we could borrow that book when you're done so Sabrina can follow the lessons, too.

Go, Maddie & Izzie!