Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo Series - Making a Flower Cake

 Izzie holding up a magic wand made from a stem with a flower on top. Maddie had a Stick sword and she couldn't find one. So she said she'd fight the "monsters" with a magic wand instead!

 Making a cake.
 Adding a bit of this and that.
 Stir in the ingredients.

 Run to go get more ingredients
 check your work, see what might be missing

 Hunting for supplies.

 Maddie with her sword.

 I'm not sure what this face was in response too!

 I found some "chocolate!"

 Adding it in one bit a time.

 Look what I found mom!

More good finds.


 working hard.

 Flowers "taste" good.

 stir, stir, stir

 The cake is DONE!

Now they told me they are "Ballerina Princess Chefs" Of course!

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