Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mema and Pepaws visit

The funny thing about homeschooling is that you think you know something until you go to teach it. I've been working on teaching the girls patterns for a while now. Well this week, in our new book, The Clown of God by Tomie de Paola we got to take the time to learn Sequence. When I actually had to stop and think what a sequence was the first thing I thought was that it was another word for pattern, but that didn't sound quite right either. So I had to do a bit of searching. For those that are just as confused as I was, a pattern is a sequence that repeats. A sequence does NOT have to repeat. A sequence is something that happens in a specific order. The alphabet is a sequence. One cycle of a life cycle diagram is a sequence.

In the book the main character, Giovanni, is a juggler. When he starts a show he always does his act in the same order (or sequence.) So with the girls we talked about what order he did his routine. I had them glue the colored balls down in order first and then we drew pictures of his entire performance sequence. At the very end of the lesson, I reached for the life cycle of an apple cards I made from How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World, and we went over that sequence as a bit of a review.

 Izzie's work. First he juggled sticks, then plates, then twirled plates on sticks, then clubs, rings, torches and then the six balls. (I traced the picture of Giovanni, because we ran out of printer ink this morning and I didn't want to run to the store for more!)

Maddie's work.

As for other news, Mema and Pepaw came to visit this last weekend in a whirl-wind all too quick visit. It was still good to see them, but they sure were here and gone almost before you could blink. They arrived Saturday afternoon, making Saturday morning really, really, really long for the girls. We went over to moms house and hung out, visited and played before going to dinner at Spring Creek Bar B Q with the everyone. The next morning, Rhonda came over and we did even more visiting and hanging out. Mema, Mom, the girls and I went to a garden and patio store to browse around a bit. But all too soon it was time for Mema and Pepaw to hit the road back home. Hopefully soon, we can head their direction!
 The other day, hearing lots of giggles I go to investigate. I saw the girls standing on these stools at the bottom of the stairs. I asked them if they were being safe. Maddie said, "No, we aren't wearing any seatbelts." I asked them if they were jumping from the stairs to the stools, because that would be dangerous. They assured me that they were not doing that.

 Izzie, Aunt Rhonda and Maddie.

Maddie, Pepaw and Izzie.

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