Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heard Museum

John and I took the girls to the Heard Museum for the first time today. We weren't sure what to expect and I got very mixed reviews. Half my friends love it the other half were less than impressed. So I wanted to check it out and form my own opinion. My first impression is that it has potential. Next time I'll know to bring stuff to do. Like a nature bingo or science sketch book. There is an indoor part that has a bunch of still scenes and a few wild animals. There were lots of geodes and a dinosaur skull. The girls really liked being able to see the real honey hive. Outside we walked through the butterfly gardens which was pretty cool and there was another wild animal mini-zoo. Other than that there was lots of beautiful walking trails. But it was pretty warm outside with no breeze and my girls turned into puddles of whine. They were "SOOOOO" tired of walking. The place would have been stroller friendly if you had a outdoor jogging stroller, but at 4, I think they were capable of walking.

Izzie pulled a fit this morning and did not want to wear her tennis shoes. I decided to take a page out of Love and Logic and let her experience sandals on her own. We told her that the walking paths would have rocks and she doesn't like rocks in her sandals. She still was insistent. After stopping every few feet she did say to us that next time she'd listen when we suggested what shoes might be best.

We also had a picnic, which was very pleasant in the shade. Overall I really thought the place had potential. I think getting a membership would be a better deal, specially since it teams up with the Dallas Science Museum. I had fun watching the bugs out on the trail (I found a HUGE spider!) and I love walking through forested areas. I think the girls were just wanting more action. 

 Daddy and Izzie looking at a live bee hive.


 Maddie watching the bees with Daddy

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