Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 Izzie and Maddie making cookies with Daddy.

Today Izzie and Maddie helped Daddy make chocolate chip cookies for me for mother's day. The cookies coupled with a John surprising me on Wednesday by cleaning the entire house are my mother's day gifts and they are absolutely perfect.

If we weren't still in the middle of a job search, I probably would be getting a new phone for mother's day. Or perhaps a new blender (mine is from 1970, I think. It still is working but just barely.) A new sewing machine is also on the list of things I want. My trooper of a sewing machine, the one I got in high school decided to sew its last stitch just a month after I started a personalized towel business. Go figure, right? But a friend down the street is loaning me her machine and I truly appreciate her generosity. Her gift opened my eyes to the community that is out there in the world.

This job search really has been a way to step back and take ourselves off of autopilot and take a look at what we need versus what we want. Instead of using the holiday as an excuse to get some materialistic thing I don't need, I get to use it for something I truly want. A happy, healthy family that spends time together, laughs and loves. That's all this mom needs!

Also I want to wish the generations of mothers before me all the love and gratitude in the world. Their sacrifices, commitments, love and generosity is acknowledged and appreciated. To my Mom, my Mema, and My Grandma Bettie I love you all. To my Mother-in-Law and my Grandmother-in-Law I also love you.

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