Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double Double!

 This morning the girls and I attended our first Identical Twins playdate! It was so much fun seeing all the matching pairs! I'm working on getting all the names of the twins in this photo... this morning was quite chaotic at the mall and I did not get to talk to all the moms, some of which I've never met before. So far from top to bottom I have Misty Lewin and her boys Dawson and Dylan, Grace Tobias, Christy Cooper and her girls Mallory and Marlo, Luisa's boys Mason and Dax (not sure who is who yet). Still need the name of the mom in the middle with the two cute boys in white shirts, Amanda Jones with her boys Logan and Luke. Their older brother, Peyton is watching from the side. Next is my girls Maddie and Izzie. Amy Locke is sitting with Elle and Sydney. Her older son, Aaron is in the red shirt at her feet. Regan Schiestel is with her girls sitting next to Kim Bagley and her twins Claire and Keely. Not pictured is Nicole Croone with her boys. Luisa (and her younger boy Alex) and I were taking the photos. I'll update as I get names!


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