Friday, April 6, 2012

The Story of Ping

I have so many photos to put up, I need to dedicated a chunk of time to blogging. In the meantime I wanted to put up this fun lesson we did from our Five in a Row book. I ordered this curriculum for the girls and I'm very excited about it. The first book we choose is the Story of Ping about a duck that lives in China. Yesterday we learned about where China was on the map and we learned a little bit about the Yangzte River, where Ping lives. 

Today we worked on a combo art/math project. Ping has a LOT of family! A mother, father, 2 sisters, 3 brothers, 11aunts, 7 uncles and 42 cousins! We learned how to make a homemade stamp (I made them, but we talked about what could make a good stamp) and then we started stamping out all the family members. This took a lot of adding! When they were working on the 11 aunts, we had to keep counting how many we had already stamped and figure out how many we had left to go. They really had fun doing this project. Maddie just had started her 42 cousins when our stamp came unglued. Izzie was finishing up the uncles. At this point we'd been stamping for about 45 minutes and they were pretty much done. I think they got the point of the lesson. If they want to finish later we will, but I don't think I'll press it. 

We also spent some time talking about respecting differences. In the story, the Master of the boat always spanks the duck that gets on the boat last. Ping wasn't paying attention and he was going to be last so he hides to avoid the spanking. We don't spank in our family and we sure wouldn't spank for that! I almost didn't want to even read the book to my girls but then I figured that would be early censorship. It is a child's book, and a part of homeschooling is being able to be with your kids when they encounter new concepts that they don't understand. So we talked about how different families have different rules. And even if we don't believe the same thing, we can respect other families choices. We also talked about the consequences of trying to avoid doing something we don't want to do.

Homemade stamps made out of foam and empty spools.

 Izzie stamping one of Ping's brothers.

 Maddie painting one of the aunts.

This is how far Maddie got. I also made them work from top to bottom, left to right. They both resisted; at first wanting to stamp haphazardly, but I told them this was a project with rules, not a project that they could do however they wanted. Overall... huge success!

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