Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ping and Lentil

 Last week we "rowed" The Story of Ping for our lessons. I bought a curriculum called Five in a Row and I'm really liking it so far. There is a list of books (most I can get at the library) and each day for five days in a row you read the story and do a lesson. Kids love repetition so re-reading the book is a good thing and something I wouldn't have done on my own. Each day we do pick up different parts of the story, so I really see the benefit of re-reading books so closely together like that. By day five, the girls are even helping me read some of the words (from memory.) Each day you do a lesson and tie it into the story. For Ping we did:
Geography: Location of China, Length of the Yangtze River in comparison to a trip we went on.
Vocabulary: Buoyancy, Utensil, Bank (of a river), Reflection and Scurry
Math/Art: Counting all of Ping's many family members and stamping them with a homemade stamp.
Science: Buoyancy
Art: Breaking down objects into their basic shapes so we can draw them. Also, use of colored pencil like the illustrator of Ping.
Culture: Chinese Flag, Costume, Writing

These are Izzie and Maddie's science notebooks we made for Ping. Izzie's is on the left and Maddie's is on the right. We looked at how a duck is shaped (ovals and triangles) and replicated it. Izzie drew a big blue wave for Ping to swim in. Maddie drew Ping flying in the air.
For our Buoyancy lesson I gathered up some bark, a screw, a birthday candle, rock, and a cork. I had the girls form a hypothesis about whether it would sink or float. We wrote down what we thought, then tested it and wrote down our results. They really had fun with this. Of course we documented everything with pictures.Above is Izzie's Bark page.

 Another page in Izzie's book.

 Maddie's Rock and Candle page. Both girls thought the rock would float and then sink. I thought it was neat that they came up with their very own hypothesis. The great thing was neither girl got upset if they got their guesses wrong.

Maddie's Bark page.

Yesterday we started the book Lentil. It was a quick lesson, introducing the book and the state of Ohio where the book takes place. We put together our floor puzzle of the United States and counted how many states away Ohio was from us. We also just talked about all the states we recognized and where we have traveled. Today after reading our book, we worked with Charcoal, which is the medium that the illustrator used to draw Lentil. It was really fun for me to pull out the charcoal from my college art days! They felt that it was super special to be using supplies from my art room. Although they didn't love the fact that it was all black and white!

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