Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Play - Charlotte's Web

Last night, John and I took the girls to go see their very first play! We went to see Charlotte's Web put on by The Wylie Acting Group for Children ( It's a non-profit acting group for ages 5-18. I must say the kids in the play did a fantastic job. I was super impressed! Maddie and Izzie both had a great time. They had to look forward to it all day long. Their normal bedtime is 7pm, but the play didn't even start until 7. We told them that they go to stay up late (this is an extreme rarity in our house) and they were equally excited about that prospect as of the play itself.

I rented Charlotte's Web from the library thinking if they knew the story they'd be able to pay attention a bit better during the play. The disk was scratched so they didn't get to watch the DVD beforehand. I also checked out the book which they now want me to read to them! They did pretty great during the show. The first act they were a bit wiggly and the had a ton of questions. But for four, they did well. After the first scene all the actors left the stage for a minute and both girls turned to us and said, "That was short! Are they coming back??" We reassured them they were indeed coming back and that there would be more to see. Both girls followed the storyline pretty well, keeping track of the characters names and what was going on. They did not like the loud applause at the end of the play, but by then they were getting very tired. After tucking them in when we got home last night, I think they were sleeping before I even made it back down the stairs. But both girls can't wait to see their next play!

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