Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Maddie and Izzie
 The Amazing Elephant!
He was pretty amazing.

So two weekends ago, my neighbor came by and said she had free tickets to the circus and asked if we wanted them. I wanted to take the girls to the circus this year so I was excited for the opportunity. I quickly roped my mom into going with us because the tickets were for the next day and John already had plans. Our "free" tickets ended up being $40, but that was no fault of our neighbor, I think we got scammed. Nevertheless, $10 per person for tickets is still a good deal for a last minute adventure. And the girls did have a great time at their first circus. Their first circus where apparently I did not get one photo of them looking at the camera. Izzie said her favorite part was the butterfly acrobat. Maddie said her favorite part was the elephant. Mom and I loved a skit from one of the clowns. He had a miniature elephant that at first appeared to be a very cool robot and ended up being a very well trained dog in an elephant costume! We all shared a cotton candy (which is oddly addicting) and had a very good time. It was the Shrine Circus, which is a pretty good one, but it is on the small side. I still want to take them to Barnum Bailey Circus one of the days, since that was the one I grew up with. (It is the Greatest Show on Earth!)

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